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Question for SUBCOOL ????

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Mr. Motavation, Mar 15, 2013.

    Mr. Motavation

    Mr. Motavation Member

    I hope this question gets to you sub. I am a loyal fan. I am subcribed to weed nerd. I have grown agent orange, querkle, pandoras box, and qrazy train is my new one. Major respect to you on your ethics behind breeding. So please sub if you have time can you please tell me more about the trainwreck you use in your breeding? Im using a gorgeous qrazy train male that bleeds crimson when you cut the stems to pollinate some of my other keeper moms. I dont like feminised seed so i went male/female. And i was curious if im making a good decision? Do your males make good breeding stock?

    Sampras1489 Active Member

    Since sub is SUPER busy with personal shit, among coming out with 20 new strains for us this year, I will answer for him. The blood wreck (tga version of train wreck) is a train wreck x trinity kush that dioxide found while out in California. Super mold resistant, and super resin coated.

    hope that helps.

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    20130314_190127.jpg I have a question...I have a plant goin now that when I topped bleed crimson red from stems...first time I've seen thiz and can't find reason why anywhere.. the plants healthy as shit... View attachment 2569860

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    Just did another google search...there is no clear answer anywhere that I can find...some of the best and most knowledgeable growers in the world browse the section of the forum....I'm sure sub def has the answer..or one of his ppl does....stems bleed red when cut...why?....feed nothing but water and Alaskan fish fert so far...couple shots of molasses a time or two as well.

    nugbuckets Well-Known Member

    my Qrazytrain does this....its genetic.....i think its pretty cool.

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    It is cool...someone suggested it means its a colorful pheno...I haven't flowered this one out yet...just flipped lights....think that has anything to do w it?

    overgrowem Well-Known Member

    ......Wow!!!! 20 new strains from TGA. All I could do to not wet my pants,felt like a 5 year old going on his first fishing trip.Any idea when these will start coming out? Would really be great if Sub.had some kind of little competition and his followers could name 2 or 3 of the strains.
    Mr. Motavation

    Mr. Motavation Member

    Sampras i appreciate the input but it doesnt help. I am crossing it with white widow, og18, sourdawg, and pineapple express. And i want to know if the drug traits diminish in the offspring of an F1xF1
    Shamrok Sulli

    Shamrok Sulli Member

    Can't wait for my Chernobyl to get here. Running some awesome pheno vortex right now. 20 new strains? I expect nothing short of awesomeness from sub strains. I've not been let down yet

    Cannarchy Active Member

    Motivation, I hate to be "that guy" but if you are wondering about traits being passed on from f1s you definitely need to do some more reading on pheno hunting, recessive genes and such....

    The answers to your original questions are.... Yes and yes. (If you like the male you have.)

    whyblameus Active Member

    F1 x f1 is usually how sub breeds. Im pretty sure blood wreck is a f1 and querkle is also a f1. His spacedude is a f1. Jtr male is f1.

    Almost all of his crosses are f1 x f1. So yea I im pretty sure he thinks its fine.

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    Picking a male is a tricky subject if you don't know what you are looking for. It sure would suck to hit a KILLER cut with a really hempy male, no?

    Space Dude is a "Proven" male, he has a track record of throwing VERY good seeds if he is crossed with a good bitch. The only way you can prove your male is by breeding with it, saving a cut, seeing if it's offspring are worth while.... then make your decision. It's a different technique than some others, but it is still a reliable breeding technique.

    Look at this like breeding animals and you might be able to understand it better (it did for me).

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    20 new strains?....wow...they'll b flyin off the shelves I'm sure as soon as they hit the market....wanna make it 21 sub?....I gotta querkle bubbleicious cross.....I'll let ya get a couple cuts off it what the hell...hit me up n I gotcha...ha:)......(sense of humor required to read this)
    Mr. Motavation

    Mr. Motavation Member

    the male is a qrazy train though... and sub uses a male and a female in his breeding and i believe that produces healthier seeds than feminizing plants. (thats my belief at least)ive seen his seeds show better phenotype consistency than most other strains ive played with. im totally sold on his gear. so with the top notch pedigree i really think using a male outta subs gear might be the ticket to some real good shit. in an episode of weed nerd he talked about how the males have to hand down the drug traits... ie Space Queen and space queen genetics are in my qtrain. i guess ima just do my crosses and ill make a thread for em somewhere. im super stoked for the white widow cross. this white widow is a ten year old pheno thats been passed around my locale and its an EPIC huge yielder. i average 1.5lbs per 600w light. and yes i will post a pic of that sometime too.

    sine143 Well-Known Member

    subs males consist of Space dude(male space queen), JTR (Jacks cleaner x Space Dude), Vortex (apollo x space dude), and Querkle (purple urkle x space dude). I think thats all of them at the moment? but anyways, yeah, all but space dude are the proginy of space dude plus other elite cut (mostly f1 cuts I suppose). your qrazy train is a product of Bloodwreck x querkle. yes, you are taking it 1 step further than sub, by using a male that is space dudes grandchild, rather than direct decendent. I cant say if that will alter your results, just noting it (super baked atm).
    Mr. Motavation

    Mr. Motavation Member

    So your saying with space queen in the pedigree basically i cant go wrong?

    Oriah Well-Known Member

    wowzerz... :shock:

    sine143 Well-Known Member

    ??? whats wowzers?

    jaytrees420 Member

    there is no guarantee that your male is going to pass on the traits your looking for. the only way to know is to breed it, grow out the beans and see what you get. good luck

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