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Question after reading security FAQ

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Cowart69, May 25, 2007.


    Cowart69 Active Member

    It shows a lot of advice on how to avoid LEO from catching on to you and raiding your house.

    What if you have a medical license to grow?

    My wife has a medical license to grow for the state of California.....so we should need to worry about this correct?

    Now...we dont want to attract attention to ourselves so we have taken precautions we can think of:

    For energy usage (we are putting 1000 watts on our plants and our equipment is running a lot...so I imagine we are using a lot of electricity):

    - Changed all of the lights in our house to "13 watt usage" kind
    - Lowered the timer on our swimming pool to only run 6 hours a day
    - Are making a concerted effort to shut off lights and turn off tvs etc when not in use

    As far as checking for heat. It says that it isn't a concern if your usage is a small grow room that uses less then 2000.....since we dont are we ok?

    Anybody know anything about the rules for the state of CA? If my wife shows her medical license will they just go away?

    We are currently growing 12 plants

    Oh...and I also made the initial mistake of using a debit card to pay for seeds.......from now on I will use cash.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    If you pay your bills on time, keep your place clean, are a good neighbor, keep traffic at a normal flow and in your case the biggie is that you are legal (me too) things are okay. Don't worry.
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    CA law varies from county to county... shouldn't be too hard to find the info.

    Don't post where ya live here..just go look for yourself. check NORML

    good luck

    bt dt

    AzGrOw-N-sMoKe New Member

    i dont know of the laws but i now of growin...i use a 1000mh system in a 5x4 area an i still have to worry about heat...you usein 2000 in what size area...
    captain chronizzle

    captain chronizzle Well-Known Member

    smoke a doober and relax, you did say you were legal.

    you dont have to worry about LEO now, just the rippers.

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