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Question about whip cream cans

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by NoviceGrower, Jul 22, 2008.


    NoviceGrower Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I heard you get high from inhaling the air inside the whip cream can, is this true? If it does work are there any long term sideaffects such as brain damage etc
    Stoney McFried

    Stoney McFried Well-Known Member

    I think they used to call them whippits? Not good for you. They used to see nitrous oxide and advertised it for whipped cream machines...somebody correct me if I am wrong.

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    Don't be an idiot you are making the rest of us idiots look bad.

    BubbaSlick Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can, and with compressed air cans... But it's SO NOT a good idea... Break into your parents' liquor cabinet, it's MUCH safer.. Or make friends with someone that works at Starbucks and get the nitrous cans they use for their whipped cream... Peace and love.

    mjetta Well-Known Member

    actually guys, not trying to promote it but its really not that dangerous. the misconception is that is limits oxegyn to the brain which causes the high. this is not true. it is the presence of nitrous not the lack of oxygen that causes the high. it is pretty safe and used as a relaxant in doctors offices:joint:

    burjzyntski Well-Known Member

    Yeah, N2O is also known as "laughing gas" and is pretty common in most dentist/orthodontist offices as well as in hospitals, so yeah, it's safe.

    Don't do it out of a whipped cream can though, as each can is equal to only one N2O canister...and you can buy the nitrous chargers online for pretty cheap, fill a balloon with 2 canisters, get really lightheaded and hear the "bwaa bwaa bwaaa" sounds without wasting any whipped cream :D

    mjetta Well-Known Member

    thank you for not being ignorant:joint:


    trippyhippy Well-Known Member

    hmm, can someone tell me why it's soo dangerous??

    N20... = fun.. no?

    pardon the ignorance on this one.. just a question =)
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    mjetta Well-Known Member

    its not, in moderation that is.

    thats the whole point:blsmoke:

    burjzyntski Well-Known Member

    You would only really run into problems (health-wise) if you had a 50lb tank of N2O and a gas mask...

    When it is used during surgery, an anaesthesiologist needs to be present to make sure the patient is taking the correct/safe amount of 'laughing gas'...but a few canisters comes nowhere close to the amount that you would get during surgery.

    trippyhippy Well-Known Member

    ahhh okay that's what i thought. I know that huffing cans cuts off oxygen to the brain. But i didn't think N20 did...

    kdox88 Well-Known Member

    be careful the call it hippie crack for a reason.

    Charlieboi Well-Known Member

    You can get whipped cream chargers and u will need a dispenser and some balloons then u can inhale and exale the nitrous wich makes u numb all over

    SmokerMRA New Member

    if nitrous was so bad then y does the dentist give it to u to put u out during teeth stuff that is prob very painful..

    KidCreole Well-Known Member

    nitrous oxide and the stuff in the whip cream can arent the same thing. yea itll get u high, but for a few, not like weed, smoke and ur good for 3 hours. plus its more expensive and WAY more dangerous!

    Dabu Well-Known Member

    its dangerous when you try to inhale directly from the dispensers. it can and has blown people's lungs out. People would do that with helium too, but for a different reason.

    Your best bet is to fill a balloon, then inhale the balloon. Never go from the dispenser.


    Ravioli Well-Known Member

    Woot! Whippets for everyone!

    peacemane420 Well-Known Member

    yea i bunch of little kids are running around doin this in parks and shit. its fuckin disgusting. they are goin to grow up talkin like dumbass boxers lol. they say after you hit it all you hear is whomp whomp whomp. so stupid

    bigtittymilf Well-Known Member

    damn y'all are haters! if you think whippits are bad, then you are sadly niave. it IS nitrous in the whip cream cans, by the way, safe if not done while driving, effects last only a matter of seconds. If you wanna huff something other than nitrous, try unscented computer spray duster, commonly called duster. Also short acting, don't do when driving, duh. Or CD head cleaner is fun, you just spray a little on your tshirt and take a breath through the shirt, this one has tolulene in it, slightly more dangerous than the last two, ESPECIALLY DO NOT DO THIS WHILE DRIVING. Similar effects as the previous two inhalant, maybe a bit longer acting.

    These are all admittedly cheap highs, but they are also very fun if you have never done it. Or maybe you are out of pot and desperate for some consciousness-altering entertainment, cause isnt that what its all about man?

    Stupid is as stupid does, my dear peacemane420. Dont be skeered...

    mjetta Well-Known Member

    I agree with all of the above

    and please god let that be you in your avatar:twisted::blsmoke:

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