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question about supersoil has anyone ever had problems with supersoil?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by StonedAsian408, Aug 28, 2013.


    StonedAsian408 Member

    have you guys have any problem running subcools super soil and/or deficiencies doing the super soil method. i heard a lot of great things about supersoil and love smoking organic bud so i would like to become all organic as possible.:eyesmoke:

    reeker Member

    That is why we use Super soil, usually no deficiencies except cal/mag hogs. Now it is available almost anywhere in the USA. I can have the bagged TGA base and SS shipped to me at less than 5 bucks a bag(if you buy at least 20 bags). Plus there is no sales tax. The base soil is 15$ and the SS 35$ for 1 1/2 cu ft(10 gal). RTU just add water. Check out the TGA soil website for stores that carry TGA soil. Peace
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    TrichomeBob New Member

    Uh, if ur getting the prebagged soil you'll be fine, the only probs I see people having is cops that haven't mixed it up right themselves, either not giving enough or too much of something, or not letting it cook enough.

    StonedAsian408 Member

    oh okay thanks for your input i am going with the supersoil method for sure

    StonedAsian408 Member

    now i have another question do you think i could possibly do supersoil in 15 gallons indoor 2 months veg 2 months flower?

    StonedAsian408 Member

    anybody have any input?

    raiderman Well-Known Member

    a good friend gave me 2 bags of super soil he mixed himself and haven't tried it yet,and have 2 bags of happy frog,fixing to transplant into both soils and gonna do a comparison which is best, will get back with yu .

    reeker Member

    Yes, I would not use more than 5-7 gal of SS in bottom of pot.

    melvinsweetleaf New Member

    Im on my first run of SS, now given it is not the exact recipe, BUT, i tried to make it a little less intense. Some strains I used less SS and some more. 2 things going on. 1 I suppose I may have transplanted too late into SS(right before flower), so a few strains are burning. Also those same strains that are burning likely got too much SS. Example My jack Herer got almost %50 SS and is stoked. My Jilly Bean got %20 SS and has very slight tip burn but is still tits up and growing. My Ace of spades got around %40 SS and is getting FRIED!
    The next run I am deffinitely transplanting into their finishing pots with SS 2ish weeks before flower. 10 gal pots btw.

    Also wondering if it is even possible to flush out any of the excess on the burned plants.....im thinking NO. If anything I may try enzymes to clean out any burned root material as well as feed some humics to support more mycrobial life.
    Legit Spam

    Legit Spam New Member

    It sounds like you didn't cook the soil properly, Melvin...Super Soil doesn't burn when used properly...I've seen nothing but the healthiest plants in it!!!

    melvinsweetleaf New Member

    This is likely the case. I went over 45 days and when digging in to the soil it was super rich and wonderful feeling/looking. But letting everything break down nice and good seems like the best option.

    raiderman Well-Known Member

    I planted mine 100% homemade super soil and growin faster than with happy frog or ocean forest.
    AquA Fresh611

    AquA Fresh611 Active Member

    What if your not able to cook it in a big drum. Would you be able to cook it in multiple 10 gal buckets with lids? Or should I look into a big tote?

    Shawns Active Member

    I would use something big, what did you mix it in?
    AquA Fresh611

    AquA Fresh611 Active Member

    I use this big old bath tub my neighbor threw out. Sealed the drain than stired it well. I was gonna buy a kiddie pool but thought this would be better.

    Evanz Member

    I mix my supersoil in smaller amounts, multiple times, then combine it in a large trashcan to cook. I believe this lets me get a better mix, because I know that every ingredient will be mixed in every 5 gallons.

    here is my recipe for 5 gallons of my own supersoil:
    30 cups base soil (I use roots organics)
    45 cups worm castings
    6 cups roots organics marine green
    6 cups ancient forest
    2 cups Fox Farm "Marine Cuisine"
    3 cups Mexican bat guano
    3 cups Indonesian bat guano
    2 cups Seabird guano
    2 cups Rock phosphate
    1 cup blood meal
    1 cup bone meal
    2 cups alfalfa meal
    3 cups kelp meal
    1/4 cup gypsum
    10 cups light warrior
    1.5 tbsp epsom salt
    3 tbsp lime
    6 tbsp mycorrhizae
    4 tbsp azomite

    I add each ingredient into a 5 gallon bucket, while mixing it well, when im done i dump it into a big 55 gallon trash can. Once it is full, I water it with a bit of molasses water, put the lid on, and let it cook for a month. During that time, dont touch it. Just let it sit, i put it somewhere that gets a few hours of sunlight, dont try to mix again or stir it, that will mess it up and not let the mycorrhizae do its thing. Once the supersoil is ready, after atleast a month, I add it to the bottom 1/4 to 1/3 of the plants pot, fill the rest with base soil, and use nothing but tap water and molasses throughout the whole grow. Just harvested and I had great yields, potency, taste and smell. My stuff came out as good as any dispensary stuff i've seen here.

    Next grow I'm going to up the nitrogen ingredients a little bit. Prob replace half the base soil with more worm castings and another cup or 2 of the guanos/kelp. Other than that, I like my recipe.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    Organics shouldn't burn your plants if composted. They burn during composting because a lot of nutrients become available as the microbiology activates things and starts to store them away on the humus in your soil. I've seen a lot of magnesium deficient looking plants grown in Supersoil. It could also use some clay and biochar. Although I wouldn't buy biochar, I would make it yourself the next time you are out camping. They burn rainforests to make that shit to ship to us.

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