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question about soft white cfls.

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by leafwrapper, Jan 22, 2007.


    leafwrapper Well-Known Member

    i was wondering if i could use soft white cfls for both vegging and flowering. ive read the soft whites r good for flowering how do they do for vegging?

    FallenHero Guest

    They've done good so far for me :D

    btt Well-Known Member

    I have 2 soft white 29 watt/2200 lumen CFLs from HD in a Y socket for my lil seedlings right now and plan to get about 4 more in the next week or so. I will be using soft white for BOTH veg and flower. Will post my results in my grow journal. I have 3 that have sprouted so far 2-3 days ago.


    leafwrapper Well-Known Member

    more opinions on using soft white floros for veg and flower?

    leafwrapper Well-Known Member

    hey russ did u get a good yeild using soft whites for both stages?

    FallenHero Guest


    leafwrapper Well-Known Member

    was there a slow of growth in the veg stage under soft whites?

    FallenHero Guest

    mine have had no problems vegging under it

    leafwrapper Well-Known Member

    about an inch from the top of the plant is general rule of thumb is it not?

    FallenHero Guest

    correct, just dont let them touch, in my expierence they will not burn unless touched.

    shooter1961 Active Member

    Guys you can speculate all day long but for sure you need cool white to veg. or a mixtue of both cool and warm. Cool being 5000k or better yet 6400k. Any thing less will effect yield no ? about that. You can grow with all kinds of lights but you are risking your freedom. Why would you want to do anything to lessen what u r going to get from your show. You will get some buds, small, fluffy, light buds. Use as much light as possible in the right spectrum, and you will be proud.
    Good growing to all, and to all good night.
    16 yr. farmer I'm out
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    In an average home people will easily burn more unnecessary lighting in the evenings/nights than a 250-watt or 400-watt HID light would use.

    4.16 60-watt light bulbs use as much wattage as a single 250-watt HID.

    6.66 60-watt bulbs use as much wattage as a single 400-watt HID.

    How many people cannot turn off 4 to 6 lights in their home each evening/night and offset the wattage used by HID lights? If you have an electric water heater you install a timer so it only runs for an hour or so just before you wake up and again for an hour or so shortly before you go to bed. With a well-insulated water heater you will still have hot water all day but you will save far more in electricity than a 400-watt HID light will begin to use. Electrical items that are turned off but remain plugged in will ’leak’ a small amount of electricity. Unplug what is seldom used and only plug it in when using them. If you have heat pumps raise you’re A/C temp or lower your heat temp 2 degrees and you will offset more electricity than a 400-watt HID will begin to use.

    Using HID lighting is not the major danger or waving red flag that so many people inaccurately claim it to be. The wattage used is not as major as it sounds when considering the watts per light and it can easily be offset with a little thought.

    You do not have to take the home improvement store CFL route to avoid increased electricity usage. You do not have to lessen your yield or settle for light fluffy buds to avoid increased electricity usage. You only have to use a small portion of your brain.

    That is what a person accepts if they take the CFL route. HID lighting produces more grams per watt used than any other type of grow lighting. Since most people can easily offset the amount of watts used by HID lighting why accept a lesser yield and a lower rate of efficiency per watt used by picking CFL’s?

    Most people who use CFL’s assume that they use such a little amount of wattage that they can easily add them to the wattage already used regularly and it will not be a red flag. So most people increase their overall energy consumption using CFL’s plus they end up with fewer grams per watt used. Is that a gain? Is that a plus?

    Would it be better to use HID lighting and offset the wattage used and have a higher gram per watts used ratio? It sure seems that way to me.

    2ndamendment Active Member

    my lady under the 14 watt cfl looks like its doing a lot better than my lady under the slyvian spot grow which yes i know shouldnt be used for growing....but what i got it for ...free...has worked really well for 4 plants in my box..first time grower...just throin in my two cents

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