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Question about my plants under 400 watt light in closet, and question about trimming!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ownage al, Apr 18, 2008.

    ownage al

    ownage al Active Member

    Hey, this is just a lighting question mainly, my 400 watt mh light is hanging in my closet about 20" from my main plant, on the 3rd or 4th node, and the span of the fan leaves are about my hand, very nice growth, except on one of my plants i am noticing the plant is curling upwards majorly, so i was thinking heat problems?


    it isn't for any of the others, but i dont know what to think.. hopefully i will get the one who is curling re-potted, maybe that will help...

    if i want my plant to start stretching upwards, what height should i keep my 400 watt mh above?

    I want to take clones, and hopefully put them outside this year.

    Anyone let me know.. im thinking 30"


    Also i have a question about do you think i should cut off the lower leaves on my big plant that recieve not alot of light? or just leave em


    Thanks, let me know
    ownage al

    ownage al Active Member

    they have been mainly 24/0 from beginning, but have been recieveng 20/4 and sometimes full 24/0 sunlight cycles, nothing ever under 18/6 tho
    ownage al

    ownage al Active Member


    It's not like they aren't growing fine, except i just wish i could lst a little easier, the nodes are so close... and stems so strongg.
    Jmayne Chronic

    Jmayne Chronic Well-Known Member

    no definatly leave the lower leaves on until waaaaaayyy later, it gives the plant more nutrition the more leaves they have, just get another light on the side so it can get a full array of energy lol as for the curling, its probably a dehydration prob, waterem at it should perk up

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    stop complaining that the stems are strong and nodes are close.....thats just what you need for lots of bud

    pppp1984 Well-Known Member

    I dont think them leaves curling upwards is problem with the llight 400w is plenty sufficient for the size of closet your growing in.. You definitely dont want them to stretch either keep the light at 20" with a fan on them to keep them from getting too hot.. Just keep them in the veg stage a little longer and they will grow bigger, that way you'l get more branches which you can take clones off and still have a pretty decent plant.

    I think the problem could be a PH problem that happened me before.

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