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Question about Mixing LED UFO's + HID's

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Beaches Compassion, Mar 3, 2013.

    Beaches Compassion

    Beaches Compassion Active Member

    Hi All, I am a MMAR holder for 20 plants and am just getting my grow rooms together. I have a closet and a bathroom beside each other that are being converted in to grow/veg rooms. Here is my question.

    The rooms are about 200 square feet. I have already purchased 2 180W LED UFO's so wondering for the rooms:
    Veg - use the two UFO LED's? and Flower get a HPS 400 or 600 W?
    or should I mix them up
    Veg - one 180 W UFO LED + MH + CFL for babies and Flower - one 180 W LED UFO + one 400 or 600 W HPS
    or should I but more LED and go pure LED:?:

    The concern I have is the heat. Right now the rooms are a bit chilly with no heat 67C so we usually leave an oil filled space heater on to keep it to 75C - so wondering if the the MH/HPS lights would provide too much heat (am thinking of using cool tube) or just enough heat we can loose the oil space heater

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