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Question about making small amounts of cannabutter.

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by NonSensical, Jan 3, 2010.


    NonSensical Member

    I only have like 6 or so grams of headies and I want to save a couple good sized nugs. I still wanna make some cannabutter to satisfy my curiosity over the ingested weeeeed high. So how much cannabutter should I use and how much weed, how long to cook what temp?

    I have checked in so many places and can only find these large whole oz and lbs of butter I only want like a mouthfull of butter, like maybe 2-3 g of cannabis ingested would be good? As in use only 2-3g in, say a cup of butter, I would do a double boiler with water on the bottom at a boil and cup of melted butter in another pot or mixing bowl on top of that, grind up the weed fine and after say an hour-2 hours onnn say 325F?

    Is this good?

    I've heard of another very simple quick technique that you can easily adjust the size. "An easy and highly effective way of making edible plant matter is to break up the buds like your packing a bowl without breaking it up like your rollin' a joint. Put em in a pan spread olive oil only over the buds don't poor any onto the pan, you just want to lather it on all the broken buds. You have it simmer, not super hot or anything just hot enough to cook slightly. Simmer for an hour, let cool, eat buds, be on the moon." Does that sound plausible? Even if it doesn't I still want to try it.

    Also I want to add about someone I know who steeped buds in olive oil over a period of a week or so I forget how long but he didn't apply heat at all except for when he used the oil for brownies and it got him high off his ass.... So to all those that say you need to activate the cannabinoids using heat, are wrong. Oil is the same as alcohol with cannabis I think, it just takes a lot longer to draw out the cannabinoids in oil.

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