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Querkle harvest at day 40 flowering?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Da Almighty Jew, Oct 23, 2012.

    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    I have a querkle, space queen dom and she looks like she is going to be ready very fast. About 39-40 days. Is this too short? She is throwing out nanners but the buds are already super fat. looks to be about 6-7 ounces on her already and she is around day 32.:blsmoke:

    matt1420 Active Member

    any pictures?
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    It is a 3rd generation clone so would that potentially shorten flowering time? Regarding the pics they dont come out clear due to my magnetic ballasts...:-(

    Medshed Well-Known Member

    There is an RIU member in our local circle who runs a cut of Querkle that has a REALLY short flower time. I don't recall exactly how long she goes but maybe Hotsauce will chime in here. I don't think he's had hermie issues with her either.

    Hotsauce, you out there? :???:

    montanachadly Active Member

    If its throwing off nanners and you have other plants in there i would take it out. The thing with clones is yes they do flower a bit faster than plants from seed. The reason being is that a clone is really as old as the plant it came from. If you took a clone from a plant that was 6 months old that clone will be 6 months old. Thats what i read i dont know if its true but it makes sense to me since the plant you took it from is whatever age so that clone has to be the same since its coming from that plant. Thats what makes them so much faster. The clones arent waiting to reach sexual maturity or anything cause there already there i have clones that have clearly visible calyxes with the hairs stickin out and there veggin just ready to flower.
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    Then the plant is technically 10 months and 25 days old. The nanners are very immature, they are small and light green. But i know they are their because i have grown this pheno a few times. I will cull this one out after this but i really needed the yeild from this plant this run.

    The only thing i see that could possibly be causing this to hermie is from me feeding her earth juice and other organic liquid nutes before bubbling them. Either that or its just a straight up god damn hermie.

    Budologist420 Well-Known Member

    What size pot is she in, what type of soil, how big is she??
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    7 gal. roots organic, with dolomite, azomite. its about 4ft h x 2.75ft w x 4ft w. vegged for 2 weeks under t5 and 3 weeks under 1000 watt. its a semi monster

    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    you should keep that pheno and have 10 crops a year!! 40 days!?

    303blunt303 Well-Known Member

    whats a nanner? i never heard that before

    303blunt303 Well-Known Member

    is that like a male part?
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    i cant now, its too far into budding. plus all the buds are pretty big. I have rooted cuttings with buds on them but i dont think i could root a cutting with buds this big on them. even all the way beneath the canopy the nugs are fat. The nanners piss me off so much that i can not run this pheno again. no way. there is better out there.
    Sticky Lungs

    Sticky Lungs Active Member

    About 20% of Querkle is going to hermi. Also, about 15% of the offspring are going to be beasterish looking and tasting. Clearly more work needs to be done to this strain to make it top notch weed, but you can find some decent Urkle like phenotypes in the gene pool. How do I know this? I've run about 150 Querkle seeds, and have found a few really sativa leaning space queen colored potency beasts. Unfortunately, all of them are tiny as hell and not worth growing. Any plant that appears to be "finished" at day 40 that has Urkle in it, is going to need a little more time before the buds actually fill in with resin. Otherwise you'll be harvesting some early grass that will smell like, well, grass.
    Da Almighty Jew likes this.
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    i have been plucking out the bananas and trying to feed extremly light to keep any excess herming from going on. The leaves are pretty much all faded. i am just gonna feed her light guano tea for the next week and see if she grows like she should. No more N at all just P and a little K and calmag. She has some purp coming on. I wonder how much purp she will really go. I wish i could get a pic for yall but i would rather get a proxy server before i post any pics.

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    Ya know I decided to not reply to your weak ass PM that you sent me because obviously you are too mad at yourself to see any kind of comedy in what I wrote.... but I just have to say this..... You post nothing positive period in this forum other than the wee bit of advice you tried to give senior jew about letting his buds fill in IF it was an urkle dom cut...... but if you read any of the thread realizing he actually is running a space queen dominant cut, you'd have nothing to post other than how you grew 150 querkle seeds (highly doubted but ok....) and 20% went herm (nothing to do with you obviously) and clearly more work needs to be done to it as a strain etc....because obviously you are a world class breeder and have posted NOTHING to prove you know dick about growing anything but a shitty attitude........ You just have nothing good to say period dude...did subcool bang your wife, your sister or your mother or what? I see no grows by you with your 7 post count and I get the feeling you have rehashed the name "sticky lungs" because you are a troll that got banned from this site once already...which is coming again quickly so keep posting the same bullshit you have been.... Prove me wrong why dont you, and post a grow journal or anything proving you can grow something more than a shitty attitude toward TGA/subcool in a place where TGA/subcool growing information is being shared in a COMMUNITY that you dont seem to fit into..... but please...post something..... anything actually proving you know anything about growing or have a grow....please...

    Seriously.....post a picture with a sign written in magic marker that says "fuck you whitey" in it with some kind of grow going on behind it and I will never haggle your troll ass again........If not do us ALL a favor and get lost.... You have nothing constructive to post anywhere in this forum, all you want to talk about is how much of a scumbag/scam artist subcool is..... its funny how the dude is sitting pretty via his shitty genetics that the world cant get enough of (except you obviously), nevermind the folks in the med community that he helps out....obviously a whole lot more than you do because you dont have a damn thing to say that has any kind of substance to it except how "intelligent" you are etc.... I was going to post a response to your PM publicly in your boy super-coco-chris' thread but decided not to..... however below is the PM this terd sent me for making a joke at his expense in another thread that was basically just saying "haters" are just straight up tools in a funny kinda way..........

    VVVVVVVL: Look at that there....you used to hang with sub....wow.... now you just stalk his forum like an old girlfriend....

    Hmmm... who are those people that dont appreciate what he does and how he does it? The rest of the breeding world that wants feminized/autoflowering seed? Or the other larger companies that he's able to outdo by simply breeding a male and a female??? rather than selfing like the majority of everyone else does....... And FYI.....100% truthfully I could give a shit why people like you dont like him, seriously.... it bothers me more that you and people like you have nothing to contribute in this forum other than bullshit crybaby-ism and hate in a place where people are learning and passing along growing info among other POSITIVE info....who gives a shit who likes or doesnt like subcool......I didnt know there was a popularity contest going on where subcool was a contestant in but not for nothing...... subcool isnt doing to bad at it if in fact that is the case............ AND who gives a shit if he did have to step on and hurt some people like yourself to get where he is....thats business and more importantly LIFE brah.....maybe you should have been a little smarter and maybe sub wouldnt have "gotten" you....sucker....you deserved it... go somewhere else where trolls are appreciated....

    Now read this part here because its important......as I've heard sub say it on the weed nerd shows and have read it more than once..... TGA/subcool will run their genetics against anything on the market side by side..... I challenge you (sticky tw*t) to document a side by side grow of the best genetics you can come up with against something similar from the TGA lineup....show us whats what.... After that you can talk all the shit you want but for now dude go somewhere else and talk that shit elsewhere.....

    Moderators.... I apologize for the rant and in fact actually trolling this thread myself but this dude drove me to it via prior posts and private messages....Please check his IP or see if you can figure out if he's one of those choice members who were already banned for obvious reasons......but I've said all I'm going to publicly and will not respond to anything else he posts in a similar manner to what I posted here....

    Da almighty jew,

    I am sorry for disrespecting your thread bro, I meant no offense to you but this dude has nothing positive to say anywhere he posts. If he attempts to post something with some kind of information in it, it automatically goes into how poor subcool this or how subcool has shoddy business practices... and I just dont think he knows anything other than how to troll and talk shit....he's proven he actually knows nothing from first hand growing....maybe he was an old "prospect" or helper and subcool axed him or maybe he wished he was subcools helper or something along those lines but I wouldnt put much stock into anything he says......

    And to think of it... last year I grew a 10 pack of querkle.... of the fems I got they were mostly urkle dom variants, the few taller ones were dudes.......however not one herm out of the whole 10 pack... IE 20% of that many turning shemale due to bad genetics is a number he pulled out of his ass....hermies do happen........ out of the 60 or so seeds of various TGA gear I've grown, 1 plant from seed turned herm on me and it was MY fault I'm fairly sure...... You yourself have already grown out the cut in question without it turning herm on you correct? Also, FYI just because a cut throws nanners towards the end of its life doesnt mean its a useless cut, it would be best to toss it if they were showing up anywhere before week 6, meaning grow it out and finish it but its probably something you dont want to keep...but obviously if it was throwing nanners on prior runs it was worth keeping which querkle usually is without the nanners....one of the best tasting smokes I've ever grown if not thee best....as you know....unlike senior sticky....
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    Sorry whitey but get off subcools nuts. TGA are not the best genetics in the world. Seed for seed tga hermies so fuckin much its ridiculous. Where do you think subcool got his genetics from? Obviously more work needs to be done to just about every single strain minus a few like vortex. I am running 3 diffrent cuts. 1 space queen dom and 2 diffrent urkle doms. One is more sativa leaning the other more indica.

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    Really dude.... I like the guys genetics....however I made the mistake of posting more than I should have... call me a fanboy yes.... on homeboys nuts.....ehhh not really....

    You guys are here in this part of the forum talking shit which is all good but you dont read enough to know what your talking about when you say "where do you think he gets his genetics"..... I do..... some of the strains were started from the brothers grimm and vic high but most of the strains come from one of the exceptional males he has....which he found in a pack of who evers beans you cant get anymore (which gives him something you or I dont have and cant get.....) and crosses them with clone only strains in most cases...... its all fact dude and written by HIM here in this section of the forum actually....... HE BREEDS HYBRIDS/poly hybrids/mega-poly hybrids........ I know this..... I know he didnt travel out to the Afghan kush region or whatever for his indi strains dude..... his specialty is in his ability to know a good cross when he sees it for its MEDICAL PROPERTIES. If you cant respect him for that and for building a successful company than oh well... then you have some other issue with him and shouldnt buy his genetics...seriously, dont buy the shit... I gladly pay for them...sorry I like his crosses.... I've heard all the bullshit on greenpassion etc.... and who gives a shit...seriously... I'll say it again....if you or someone else got fucked or stepped on in the process of him getting to where he is....oh well.... you should have been a smarter man yourself... Its how empires are built if you hadnt noticed.... I dont agree with screwing people over, however every story has 2 sides and I dont see anyone publicly calling him out other than random trolls on anything so.....

    Some of his strains have some bisexual tendencies that show in end of life nanners but I think you need to look into your growing abilities if your getting that many hermies pre week 7-8 dude, really..... I bullshit you not.... I grew 60 seeds and got one herm out of them all when I fired up a new tent because of an LED on a surge protector...I profit from nothing of his, I buy my seeds, sub has never given me a god damn thing, I've never met the guy nor do I really have some urge to do so....however I do like his genetics and will stand up for THEM like a fanboy as I said..... If you guys dont like his gear so much why are you growing it? Seriously? Lets not start a flame war here, lets hear your side of it..... I'll agree with you and say I said way to much in this post and the one above but I have ADD and my adderall kicked in as I typed that post above....sue me... But I just dont get you guys who hate on TGA and literally hate subcool himself but for some reason hang here in the subcool section of the forum and the real kicker is you grow his genetics??? What am I missing? His genetics suck but.....you buy them? Puzzling it is....
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    i think you need to question your expertise in general. I grew out 4 querkle seeds. 1 male 3 females. Out of the 3 females 1 hermies like a son of a bitch and the other 2 are completly stable. and i have grown these same cuttings 3x now. My space queen dom pheno hermies in the 4th week :lol: But she puts out like a nice slut and gives me 9oz easily.

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    Never said I was an expert at anything, at rambling and talking shit maybe..... I'm an amateur grower who is quickly moving up to a novice and beyond quickly since I started running organic and following subs methods a little more...... however I do have some actual growing experience (in no way am I saying anything about yours)... Like I said I as never out to offend you or mess up your thread bro..... I like TGA/subcool genetics and as most others stick up for what I like/run..... The only other breeder I've been tempted to run as of late is cali-connection or sensi and the only thing I want to run thats sensi is jack herer and thats it......

    I am more than open to listen to what breeders/seed companies and strains you'd recommend though.... Either I go through seed bank pages and like everything I see and cant make up my mind or everything I want is sold out... or absolutely nothing peaks my interest and I go right back to the TGA section of the site already knowing what I want to order and couldnt be happier that I did.... My take thats all dude.....
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    hey so back to the space queen dom pheno. I have been feeding extra light with her and cut out all N during feedings. It seems as though she is extremly nute sensitive. The only way i can get her to stop herming so much is if i bubble everything before i feed and feed really light and in proper element ratios. She is getting a nice purple color to her. I sampled a nug this morning after a quick 3 day dry i was surprised to see the nug had turned a nice shade of purple, and it was delicious and has a great body/head stone . Very interesting. Also she keeps packing on the weight about 8 to 9 or 10 oz easily. It is only day 36. As a proud father i kinda regret that i didnt clone her again becasue the herming is semi controllable if feed is right.

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