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    Sonic was good. 5-6 oz in 7 gal pots with Super soil. not as potent as QK but a slight orange taste gives it a +. great bag appeal. looks amazing. watch out for male flowers, i got a few per plant on the bottoms. crossing it with QK fixed this for me.

    there was one QK that we lost, short, super crystally grew like an indica and was quick. i am kinda bummed she was lost in cloning. but i have more seeds. but right now i am replacing QK w Mothers Tongue, looking for a quick sativa with great taste and yeild.
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    Yeah I got a bunch of different breeders going now. Variety variety

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    wWe broke ties with Home Grown lots of Breeders use us to promote there gear and then bail its part of the business no harm no foul I think Quatum and Dr Who was there best work I wish em the best :)

    Meanwhile we created 7 new bad ass strains


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