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Quantum apocalypse , to kill mites

Discussion in 'Rhode Island Patients' started by Tamorin, Dec 27, 2012.


    Tommys Member

    is this safe for flowering plants? i thought neem oil was bad for plants in flowering. does it not linger in the buds?

    HeadymanRI Member

    We apologize for the inconvenience but sales have been temporarily stopped. More information to follow in the coming days.

    UPDATE 5/17/13
    We are extremely sorry for the delay in our response. Due to a recent unfolding here in Rhode Island, we have been ordered to cease all sales of Quantum Apocalypse. Like other products, such as Einstein oil and Dyna-gro neem, which have been on the market for at least 15 years, Quantum was being sold as a "leaf shine". Due to its effectiveness Quantum quickly spread through the community as the “must have” product for pest control. Quantum was proven so successful that one of our competitors called into the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. The department took action removing Quantum Apocalypse and vital earth crystal neem from store shelves here in Rhode Island. The US law states: if a company or individual has any actual or constructive knowledge that a product is going to be used as a pesticide then it has to be registered with the EPA.

    We were told that all unregistered neem products (Einstein oil, Dyna-gro, etc.) will be taken off the shelves in Rhode Island. In addition a memo has been sent to the EPA notifying them that these products are being sold in all 50 states as illegal pesticides, under this notion. We have a team of lawyers that are working as fast as they can to get Quantum Apocalypse an EPA registration. Unfortunately this process usually takes at least a couple of months. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please stay tuned and check back frequently for updates and sale information.

    just saw this on the entomo419 website. hopefully they can get everything figured out asap because the product really works! to answer Tommys question, you can use Quantum Apocalypse up to three days before harvest and you will have no problem. it is completely safe.


    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    How bad is that... no matter what the object or item is, the state always has a restriction or some 'registration' process...

    twostrokenut Well-Known Member

    Well dayum hope its on the shelves soon.

    Tamorin Active Member

    Man this is bad news, so the word on the street is the people behind "mighty bomb". So if you like me u won't eve buy there product and will be only buyin predateor mites for any and all bug issues. Truth be told the only thing that ever worked was quantum apocalypse, as a spray. The bomb's never have worked , so being a company going and telling on others is a bitch move. So what ill do is find out what company owners ect are of them and post whenever someone changes the name of the company ect. Ill let you all know how the predator mites work out.

    Also for Anyone thinking why do I still have mites , it's because I cut clones before I used quantum thus allowing the cycle to continue.

    mrwonderful3@cox.net Active Member

    You can get Quantum Apocalypse at: quantumpocalypse.net or most grow shops in Rhode Island.

    mrwonderful3@cox.net Active Member

    Quantum apocalypse is available at most grow shops in Rhode Island or the web site: quantumapocalypse.net

    burnedout1958 Active Member

    It's just NEEM oil no top secret anything. google it it's oil from a plant that insects hate. I too would ONLY spary it topically on the plant, NOT feed it to it, like Kindpookie said, you will be smoking YEt another chemical that will screw your lungs up. and remember children just cause it comes from a plant it may NOT be safe for you. Can I say OPIUM plant ? sure it's natural , sure it will get high to the moon and dead, do you want tosmoke it in your herb? never mind don't answer that I know what half of you will say ;)

    oh I'm still laughing at #1 post equating fleas from a kitty to Cannabis Mites LMAO a flea is like a BLUE whale compared to the mites in size. no way DUDE! no disrespect meant just sharing my opinons ;)

    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    Had clones from a friend... thank god i kept them at entire different place cause right away noticed mites on them. They grew pretty good and so did the mite count.
    I start googling and neem oil every other day at night for a week strait. Soaking them top and bottom and spray the top of soil.
    Then i took 3% hydro peroxide with water and sprayed them 3 nights in a row..everything died and im respraying with HP and neem starting monday until thursday cause its end of week 1 of flower so no buds yet at all. Any eggs should be hatched if any survived the HP spray an ill kill them when young.

    cost me about $20 total.

    Tommys Member

    mites suck. literally. anyway, they do not like humidity and they do not like the cool temps. These products only work when your environment has failed. neem your plants in veg and early flowering. if they are back during flowering use mighty wash. my 2 cents.

    LBH Well-Known Member

    Quantum is the shit.

    Sheesh420 Member

    This is the best product around IMO. It was banned for almost a year due to certain dye ingredient but i t's back on the market and available in RI. Use once then again in five days... then every 7-10 days for a few weeks and you'll be good... if there's such a thing with mites.

    Tamorin Active Member

    Dude best part is I've been preaching this to a bunch of friends and family no one listens. Been like 6 months finally their giving it a try. What I've been told is no product will 100% get rid of em so we keep using and it's working.

    Sheesh420 Member

    ROFL... who hasn't smelled their load at least once... sorry ladies

    If you told me they tasted similar I'd say ewww but then... even then to each his own ... badaBOOM

    Unbreakable Member

    Yeah Buddy'(s)! =)
    I'm growing my own meds for the 1st time ever, in my back yard this summer. To call me a rookie would be a gross understatement. I noticed the dreaded Spider Mites had found their way to my garden and immediately began doing research, on how to kill 'em all. A few days ago; I bought a box o' Lady Bugs and thought that would do 'z trick however; although they seemed to have eaten all, or at least 'most' of the lil' buggers; they apparently don't have a taste for the eggs. I read through "miles" of growing tips and, the general consensus appears to be: 'Quantum Apocalypse'. So, I ordered a bottle about 5 minutes ago. Does that stuff kill the eggs too? orrrr, is it simply a matter of maintenance/just keep drenchin' the plants and kill 'em all as they hatch?
    Thank you in advance, for any help you may provide! =)
    -Unbreakable 'J'

    Bob006600 Member

    Can anybody tell me if this still works ?!?

    spiceman New Member

    Works great with old scool azamax do your job on time continualy you will be golden

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