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QCarbo Clear 20 Detox effective?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Rachface11, Jun 5, 2009.


    Rachface11 Well-Known Member

    hey everybody. So i got a surprise drug test today. at 1pm. its now 8am.

    I smoked a joint on tuesday, I had maybe a full bowl over the weekend. ( i took mini hits for longer effect.) But i havent had anything since Tuesday.

    Ive been drinking gallons, and gallons of water, and pissing like nobodies business. I also have been taking cranberry concentrate pills, kidney detox drops, and aspirin.

    So, My buddy went and spent $60.00 for this Carbo Clear 20 stuff that supposedly works for the test IF:

    You take it 3 hours prior the test, make sure you pee like 4 times before, and get the specimen from mid stream, basically diluting ontop of diluting.

    I just wanted to hear if anyone has had success with it. I know Dilution works, I had it work last time i had a test. but I had 2 weeks without weed, and this time i barely have 2 days. so i need a security blanket.

    And Yes, I am aware of Quick Fix 4.0 But they make us turn out our pockets at my lab and they stand outside the door, so they would hear me untaping the bottle from my body, and opening the warmer...etc, etc.

    and No... i do not want to risk having sumone else's pee all over my body from a ziploc bag malfunction.

    dutchfunkle New Member

    Wow,they stand outside the door? I can think off the top of me head about a 1,000,001 ways to pass a test. Try operating a Whizzinator with a Parole Officer staring at your COCK. When I got caught, you'd have thunk this muthafacko just got done mapping the Human Genome,for christ sake. Anyway rig urself a homemade whizzinator,very easy to make. Go to a medical supply store, get a bag that older ppl piss in but smaller. you need one that only has 1 hole that you would run a piece of plastic tubing to ur cock and there needs 2 be another hole on top of the bag to put pee/solution in. You need to assemble sum sort of floodgate for the urine to come out of the bag,K???Or u could buy those vials of pre-mix piss where you just add water.They work 100% of the time,especially if no one is watching you,good luck bro....bongsmilie

    Rachface11 Well-Known Member

    Followed the QCarbo instructions that I found online. Which involved drinking the solution roughly 3 hours prior the test. in addition to drinking water, and avoiding excercise.
    Pass the test no problem. Surprised the helll out of me. But it worked, and for $60.00 not that bad. Especially being I smoked a HuGE joint 2 days prior the test.
    So for anyone googling, or just looking up the legitmacy of Q Carbo. Its solid.

    Now... I must add, a buddy of mine said it could have just been all the diluting, and the B vitamins that came with the Qcarbo (that I could have gotten for 600% cheaper.

    But Idk. the important part is I passed.


    anthtex81 Member



    HeartlandHank Well-Known Member

    I had success with Stinger Buzz Detox... I used 3 substances later than the label said I was supposed to and it still worked. Home tests the night before were positive for the three substances.
    From experience with past detoxers... I drank the bottle about 30 minutes earlier than directed... as I thought would happen... i was having a hard time urinating the amount needed in the amount of time directed.

    This one made me less sick feeling than many have in the past...


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