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Q: How much light does it take to interrupt your plants light cycle?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jon2, Feb 10, 2009.


    jon2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I've been thinking about this for awhile.. I look outside, during a full moon and its pretty damn bright. Also there is a street light about 75 ft away from my grow area and my neighbors leave their light on overnight. Its just a small CFL I'm guessing, but I am just wondering.

    I've looked on google, growFAQ, etc.

    thank you.

    diemdepyro Well-Known Member

    5 minutes of bright light or more intensity than a full moon will mess up MJ plants.
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    jon2 Well-Known Member

    Ah I see, thanks a lot. +rep

    Jbrowngreen Well-Known Member

    and if indoors as long as they still get 11.5 hours of uninterupted light you should be ok. i always have my lights set to be dark for 12.5-13 hours just in case somthing goes haywire with my timer and so i have a 30 min to 60 min margin of error to notice and fix it.

    kingc Well-Known Member

    I have a similar issue,.. rite now my buddies are indoor,... when i put them out side,. i have a street light shining on my back yard ,. would this light mess up the 12/12 cycle later on?.// thats pretty much my only issue with outdoor the street light,. and i got slugs when i have my cucumbers and tomatoes,.,... ill deal wit that my self

    Jbrowngreen Well-Known Member

    light intensity diminishes exponentially in factors of 2 cut the lumens in half for every foot it travels after its recomended camopy height. if that street light is running a 400 watt hps(56000 lumens) the canopy height is about 18" so after that initial 18" you would start counting, lets say its 12 feet

    so the base of that light pole is getting

    about 14 lumens

    but then again it could be a 1000 watt
    145000 lumens

    lets say 12 feet again

    so at the base you would be left with

    just about 40 lumens

    so i would say if you can find a somewhat shady spot in your backyard you should be ok.

    Jbrowngreen Well-Known Member

    that is assuming that that is the only light source minus the moon

    id be more worried about people seeing that plant in the middle of your back yard in the light from the streetlight, you are going to want to tuck that thing in a corner anyway

    and i dont think slugs really mess with weed so that shouldn't be an issue
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    ScottsBlown99 Well-Known Member

    what about an indoor grow, would a little light leak from the veg side of my closet mess up the dark time of my flowering side? it's very minimal, mostly from cracks

    Jbrowngreen Well-Known Member

    i wouldn't take any chances but the best way to check is to look, if you can see your plants its too light, if you cannot then it should be ok, but i would just patch it up with duct tape if i were you

    kingc Well-Known Member

    okay i get that j brown green,.. tottally get what your explaining,. last year i had them in the corner,. they turned out to be males,. or hermis ,.. i dont know if the light contributed to that factor,. it was such a disappointment

    smokeybandit22 Well-Known Member

    the real answer is one half of one foot candle

    HererBorealis Member

    You're right about that, but what slugs do like is natural ferts (maneure and such) they will be attracted to that a lot, then they populate around the base of the plant on the soil. I know when I do outdoor grows, I use pellets that attract the slugs elsewhere, otherwise they will eventually colonize the base of you Mj plant and begin to degrade and rot the main stalk. I suggest Kingc, you should inquire about slug bait at your local garden supply/big box store. Not expensive (3$ a box here)

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