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Pyrethrin-based foggers - can plants be damaged by using it too much?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by moops, May 18, 2010.


    moops Active Member

    Doktor Doom, etc. The spray foggers used to control spidermites. Those little buggers are like an endless invading Persian army!

    I need to use it repeatedly - if I kill them off once, there are more a few days later. I need to get it to the point where there are few surviving mites (I'm sure there are buggers that are pyrethrin-resistant), no more eggs are laid, and any generations from remaining eggs are snuffed out as well.

    If one uses it more than once over a period of consecutive days, will it harm your plants or buds?

    OGDanimal Member

    Bump...Any replies?

    budalushious Active Member

    No..........should not hurt your plants...But...Spider mites are notoriously pesticide resistant. You may have to rotate pesticides to get 'em all.

    KeegoSmalls Member

    Depends on how close to harvest and are your flowering or vegging. Week 1-4 Spray with Miteicide of some sort then in 1-2 days spray with plain water to rinse it off the plants, then repeat as needed, Vegging = Nuke = Doktor Doom (not during your light cycle, your ladies are breathing)

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