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Put plant into flowering, 2 weeks later the leaves are wilting

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by nuther, Oct 1, 2010.


    nuther Member

    Hello everyone, this is my first post(previously all my questions were answered by reading other people's posts) and I'm going to first apologize for not providing any pictures, but I think my description will be enough.

    I have a Chemdog and Berrijuana plants, they both are doing the same thing. I have an indoor grow where one closet(3x7x8tall) is for vegging and the other(3x6x7tall) for flowering. I vegged both of the plants for 2 months using LST and had some great results with the "bushiness" of the plant. Two weeks ago I moved them from my 19/5 vegg room into my 12/12 flowering room(for the week prior I weened them off the 19/5 cycle to the 12/12 cycle so it wouldn't be a shock or anything) and starting a week ago they showed signs of wilting and withering and have reached a point now where I'm getting worried. The actual flowering spots are all looking good, but ALL the leaves look like shit(bent downwards, leaves are curling downward, some are turning brown from the outside of the leaf in, and ALL the leaves feel dry). The only thing I could think of is that we had a heat wave come thru and the room reached temps of high 80s for about 4 days straight. The dirt the past week has also shown signs of being too dry(in vegg I watered every 3 days and am keeping the same cycle in flowering), but whenever I water the plants they act like they have enough water because the water instantly starts draining out(prior to flowering if the water looked that dry they would suck up half a gallon a plant before the water would start dribbling out). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    mistaphuck Well-Known Member

    what and how much do you feed your plants? whats your ph?

    nuther Member

    feeding them Fox Farms flowering mix which says 4 tablespoons per gallon(I follow directions) and the pH is about 6.5

    should I mist the leaves at night when the lights are off?

    mistaphuck Well-Known Member

    that may help, also its always a good rule of thumb to give your plants 1/4 to 1/2 of what the bottle says, on account of the plants sensitivity

    angelsbandit Well-Known Member

    I would cut back on the nutes, and see if the damage stops spreading.
    Thw damaged leaves will not repair themselves - so just insure it is not getting worse.

    Brokenneck Active Member

    I have to 2nd the comment above "1/4-1/2 strength nutes" Until the plants adjust to the feeding.
    If you are sure that its not over or under hydration.
    Do you think the leaves look like a water problem or a nutrient burn problem.
    I personally have been fighting high temps. 86f+ I first over watered like crazy, everything slowed due to the over watering, then when it was drying up, everything got burned.
    I over compensated for the high temps, moved the plants to 16" then fried the tops. This whole process slowed production and I am still recovering.

    One thing you failed to mention, which lights are you using in each of your grow sections?
    If you have provided more nutrients that the plant was ready for then you may have burned them.
    How moist is soil?

    nuther Member

    I know I didn't over-water them, but I don't understand why the top 2 inches of soil were dry the last 2 times I watered them but yet they didn't absorb that much water. This is my first grow so I can't tell you what I'm doing wrong. The only thing I know is what I've read and I think it's a heat stress issue...

    The lights in both rooms are 400W(1 400W light in each room) and I have both types of bulbs.

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