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Push or Pull through Carbon Filter?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Inneedofbuds, Jan 11, 2008.


    Inneedofbuds Well-Known Member

    Do most pull air through a carbon filter and have it exit through an exhaust fan or push it through the carbon filter and have it exit the filter on its way out?

    blonddie07 Well-Known Member

    purpose of the carbon filter is to suck in air from your grow room and exit through the filter.. any air carrying odor gets trapped in the filter. just think of it this way... the air that comes out of the grow room do you want it to smell? if not.. make that air coming out go through a filter.. kind of like when you put some pasta in a pot that has those holes.. you want to eat the pasta not the water and pasta :)

    Ahriman Active Member

    I think he means do you put the carbon filter before or after the exhaust fan. My carbon filter is going behind my fan, the exhaust fan will push air into the carbon filter. Not sure if this is the best way, but its the best for the amount of space I'm working with.

    Tiny2348 Active Member

    my filter pulls air through the carbon filter and then goes outside with no smell

    ThatOneDude Well-Known Member

    It will work but the filters are designed to suck air through the pre filter for larger debris and then the carbon for odor. If you push air through it, you loose the use of the pre filter and the carbon won't last as long.
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    email468 Well-Known Member

    you are supposed to put them on the end of a fan and push the stinky air through it. lots of folks put the carbon filter in the grow room and suck all the air through it which makes the grow more stealthy since you won't have a big-ass carbon filter sitting outside your grow room.
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    Inneedofbuds Well-Known Member

    so thats two for pull and three for push?

    email468 Well-Known Member

    i recommend going straight to the source - give some carbon filter manufacturers a call (or shoot them an email) and ask.

    let us know what they say....

    abso1utepain Well-Known Member

    ok definetly pull air threw the filter, by pushing air threw it any leaks befor the filter will let "stinky" air out. if you pull air threw the filter any leaks or bad seals will suck air in. this will reduce any extra smells making sure any air from your grow will be filtered. if your going to filter your air suck air threw your filter otherwise you will chance having a smell anyway.

    remember the air in your exhaust in pressurised and the pressure will go to the area of less resistance

    samljer Active Member

    Old post but ppl still read em, so ill go over what I do and why.

    [] Filter
    X fan
    ==== Tubing
    > < air directions

    If you do this
    >>> []=====X===== >>>>
    Larger particles that can get stuck in pre-filter "cotton, cloth etc" will do just that
    You can litterally double the life of the carbon inside your filter.
    however ive found with pushing consider your fan to have 0-10% less CFM
    dependong on how cheap that fan is.
    And rarely in our tests "University class" was it 0%. usually around 8%
    So you need a bit more "fan" to pull that air and increase the life of your filter

    if you do this

    >>>> ========X=====[] >>>>
    Air flow from your fan is not lost, larger particles get stuck in carbon and
    it makes pre-filter useless,
    you can "DIY" a scrubber and put the pre-filter first, but its not easy! and
    never seen any manuals online doing it that way, but its possible.
    Gaps can leak air before the filter and odor will escape, even if this occurs in the
    other setup the air is cleaned already, no big deal.
    The filter in this setup will have to be outside of your grow space reducing its
    "stealth", if all your worried about is odor to your neighbour no big deal, but if its a cabinet in plain site you may wanna go the other route.

    so in our conclusion:

    No method is superior, they both work equally. however
    each has its own flaw, you will need to choose one.
    Filter life and more CFM required
    Loss of stealth and possible leaks.

    We did this test 4 times.

    nooney2205 Member

    Sorry to bring up an old thread but i am really trying to figure this out before i start my grow;

    What would the quality of the smell removal be like in a system like this >>> []=====X===== >>>> if the CFM of the fan was only 37 ? or would the >>>> ========X=====[] >>>> system be better for that fan. I am also considering installing a second one if one would not be enough.

    I would greatly appreciate your reply as it will get me one more step closer to growing.

    Thank you :)

    jimmygreenfingers Well-Known Member

    You can do both it makes no difference, push or pull its up to you, do whatevers more convenient for your setup.

    shannonball Well-Known Member

    we push so the odor goes into the filter and out comes clean non-smelling air. again your choice. try it one way and then the other and see which you prefer.

    kushfromage New Member

    I have a small cabinet with CFLs. No need for heat dissipation. Fan and carbon filter sit next to the cabinet. Fan sucks air out of cabinet and pushes it into the carbon filter. Smell gone.


    Bwpz Well-Known Member

    I'm sure you should pull through it, not push. Only reason I'd say to push would be like the post above mine, where you wouldn't have room for the filter in the grow space. If you have room for it, you should pull through it.

    ilyaas123 Well-Known Member

    Random ^^^Like^^^ :D

    STLbudz Well-Known Member

    What up Bwpz havnt seen you in a min since you did that spice devil and king kush grow! .............Ive always set up my carbon filter on the floor with inline connected pulling the air into ducts and out the room. Preferably you want to mount it High on the ceiling , but my carbon filter is damn heavy and to lazy to bother finding studs and anchoring it to ceiling so i just put it in the corner of the room! Pull Thru the filter

    Bwpz Well-Known Member

    I just realized how old this thread is, someone brought it back :p

    Bwpz Well-Known Member

    I haven't been on here in a while, just been doing random grows tryna get the funds up for the dream grow :p Finally getting there so I figured I'd come back and post about it, should be running in a couple months :) Good to see some of the same people still hanging around :)

    STLbudz Well-Known Member

    LMAO im lit man haha off some candycorn! i didnt even notice that , that guy with 1 post did! haha, n yea SAME here barely started growing again few months ago and taking this current grow i just started seriously so decided to share it with the homies on riu lol

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