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Purple Trash - Purple Trainwreck x Hash Plant

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by formula42, Apr 29, 2010.


    formula42 Well-Known Member

    Purple Trainwreck x Hash Plant

    Finished in 60 days under 250w HPS.
    12/12 straight from clone got to about 20" tall.
    One tall main cola, few side branches.
    Low yield, under 0.5 oz.
    Grown in 2 gal hempy bucket w/ vermiculite, perlite
    fed Fox Farm Tiger Bloom, little molasses, little fish emulsion

    Tastes awesome like good hash on some dank trainwreck. Turned a little purple too! Smelled sticky sweet, rich earthy and oily. Odor was a little over-powering sweet like burnt sugar.
    Overall, great showcase buds. Neat and interesting connoisseur strain. Not something I want everyday/often.
    Mostly sativa head high with hash style head change of altitude. Feel it in your ears. Little to no body high. Alert, enjoyable, dreamy, confident. Overall positive feel.

    ptw1.jpg ptw2.jpg

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