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Purple Stems

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by drmota, Jan 12, 2007.


    drmota Active Member

    my plants are in the 4th week of veg under cfls they look great and grow more daily. my question is some ( the soma a+ clones and some of the bag seed have verticle purple lines running the length of the main stem and on other stems. is this just part of the genetics or am i missing something. everything else is great. oh yeah, one of my bagseed plants has these enormusly wide and large leaves, my wife thinks this is a male trait any gueses?

    -=4:20=-Guy Well-Known Member

    Glad to here you wife supports your decision to grow; makes things eazyer. You wont know sex untill the start blooming, the wide leafs are just the strain.

    Major_Nuggz Well-Known Member

    Ive got 11 point leaves foot wide that are females
    Nelson Mutz

    Nelson Mutz Well-Known Member

    Genetics [purple lines]. Wide leaves are [generally] a dominate trait of indica strains. Nice your wife shares your hobby!:mrgreen:


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    like this?

    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member

    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    In my experience, purple stems and leaf petioles are indicative of poor nutrient supply or root system disease/damage. A genetically purple plant is a whole lot rarer than a phosphorus deficiency. I've grown about 15 different seedbank strains and not one had any purpling unless there were problems.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    DO NOT PANIC. A seedlings purple stem doesn’t necessarily indicate an unhealthy plant. Please take the following possibilities into consideration:

    1 - Purple Stems could be a result of that wonderful thing we call genetics, if this is the reason, you are to expect a purple stem throughout the life of the plant. It must be noted that purple stems aren’t a dominant trait, and are rarely genetically induced.

    2 - A baby sprout with a purple stem is almost always 100% natural. Young seedlings are still adjusting to their environment and may be slightly lacking in a Nutrient. If this is the case, healthy plants will regain their green/greenish-brown color within a few days to a week or two.

    3 - If you have ruled out the possibilities of genetics and the seedlings adjustments to life, you should begin looking for a nutrient deficiency. Purple stems are commonly caused by a Phosphorous (P) or Magnesium deficiency, if there is a P deficiency you may also notice symptoms such as brittle leaves or greyish spots. To assist the uptake of Phosphorous (as well as most other nutes) you should ensure the pH is slightly acidic-- 6.0 will suffice.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i might be trippin' but just about every plant i've grown has had some type of purple or red coloring on the stem of the leaf. these plants were all beautiful and healthy. :confused:

    drmota Active Member

    yeah i think mine are fine. no other signs of problems and they continue to grow. gotta raise lights daily

    illinigreen Active Member

    My plants have red in the stems as well. Mostly on the top side of the stem.

    smalltownDill Well-Known Member

    growing with flourecents always get purple stems it's not a nute deficiency it's just what flourecents do
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    hillbillybuds Active Member

    I am growing two ladies right now and they have Purple stems,purple bud leaves,purple and whit hairs and they are beautiful and healthy. I hope to have pics this weekend for everyone to see. I have been growing this strain for 22 years now but I have forgotten the name of it. I make my own seeds every two years.

    whulkamania Well-Known Member

    Couldn't it be the strain? Like a Purple strain?.

    closetengineer Active Member

    why and how?
    dogglet forever

    dogglet forever Well-Known Member

    i concur with that

    my purple lines only show when i looking at them in the veg room under any different light they dissapear.

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    HappelWood Well-Known Member

    mines got a little of that too, and my leavees have serious marooning/purpling on the branches to the leaves like your 3rd pic shows, and i have the smallest streaks on the main stem. It hasn't spread, when i noticed it on the stem i just changed out my water and made sure the nutrient solution was solid. It hasn't spread since, the stems going to my main leaves keep staying that dark color, ::shrugs::.

    HappelWood Well-Known Member

    you can see the maroon going to the main leaves pretty clearly on this pic.


    My leaves are a dark lushious green though, and it's no longer spreading on my main stem.
    dogglet forever

    dogglet forever Well-Known Member

    here's my current feed mix with ph 6.2 water... the earth juice is notorious for rasing ph levels so lower the ph

    switcosky Active Member

    I have read that purple stems may be an indicator of phospherous (spelling?) deficiency and/or a PH level that is too high and doesnt allow the plant to absorb adequate nutrients. My baby is somewhere around the 10th day of flowering and I too have purplish stems, though growth seems better than ever. Are you lower leaves super dark green?

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