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Purple paralyzer?? Real deal

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by mrcokeandcrown, Jun 1, 2012.


    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    I am also running some of Kaks Purple Eve (Black Jack x PlushBerry) .. Maybe I ll have to cross it with the PCP X Afghani that I am running at the same time and make my own purple paralyzer ..

    Murfy Well-Known Member

    thanks for the schoolin-

    never heard of such a thing.

  3. It's purple Vietnamese(monkey paw) crossed with the pinconning paralyzer. I know the breeder that made and sold it at the green oasis.
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    pothead4life810 Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt someone has the original cut of pinconning paralyzer. Hopefully you do though, Let us know how it turns out.

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