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Purple Leaves

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by arizonared, Oct 29, 2006.


    arizonared Active Member

    Some of the leaves on my 8 ft sativa are starting to turn purple...is that a good thing? I was hopin for a Halloween harvest but by the looks of it I just don't think it's gonna be ready. This thing is takin its own sweet time ...i forget who told me probably Thanksgiving but I think they were right. Anyway, what's the significance of the leaves goin purple? Is that related to growing conditions or maybe the strain of weed..or what? Stems are not purple btw...

    JB_420 Active Member

    Purple leaves could very well be the strain of the plant. Also i had purple leaves on one of my plants i forgot to harvest this year, and i remembered it after it snowed, so it could mean that the plant is starting to kill its leaves to keep the bud/seeds alive becase it was getting to cold?

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Yeah, cooler temps can cause some red or purple in the stems, but what I think you're seeing is the normal fading colors of fall. If you have purple leaves, then you have a very nice hybrid plant, I believe. I told you turkey day because the picture looked very sativa to me. Purple leaves is strain-related, and I've never seen a pure sativa with any purple foliage, so I would say your plant has some indica in her, which means she will be ripe sooner.

    Like Martha sez, it's a good thing! :blsmoke:

    arizonared Active Member

    Yeah, it is cooling off around here..thank God...but highs are upper 80s and lows upper50s max, so it's not like she's shiverin out there...and so far it's not that many that are turning, but it looks like a trend. My bf tells me to stop looking at it every day as it doesn't help it and in fact may be hindering the process, as in "a watched pot.." hehe...no pun intended.

    todalslacker187 Active Member

    if your leaces are curling around the edges as well as having a purple look to them it could be from a phosphorus deficency easily taken care of be giving your plants plant food with phosphorus in it...

    Scarecrow(sXs) Active Member

    LoL i have a medecine bottle of phosphorus...would that work if i crushed it up and fed it 2 my plant?
    Another question: What does it mean when the very first set of spiked leaves that comes out, has one bigger than the other? Could this mean its a male? If not...is there any way of knowing if a plant is male when still in seedling stage? I don't want males raping my female crops.

    FCSoldier Well-Known Member

    I have a plant that is a little over a month old from seed it is still vegging. The two most recent top nodes started out with a red/purple tint to the leaves. Does anyone know what this means? Is it due to genes? I have an indoor setup that stays between 72 and 78 degrees. I use cfl's a mix of soft and bright white. 6,600 lumens per sq ft. The lights are two inches from my plants canopy, with virtually no heat and constant fans. My plant is about 5 inches tall and nine nodes high. Nice bushy plant, I want to see if anyone knows if theres a problem or if it would be genes. (My plant is not mature yet).

    update: added a higher level of phosphorus... 3 days later all leaves are green...also about 2 inches of growth in height, while remaining very bushy.

    will update if any negative effects occur.
    widdow sensation

    widdow sensation Well-Known Member

    Hi i have a super lemon haze plant that has purple leaves looks realy funky
    i cut the top off my 6 ft lemon as it was getting to tall and planted she is approx 20 inches and 9 weeks in to flowering
    i was reading it could be in need of some pk 13 the plant absolutley stinks to high heaven smells well chong lol

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