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Purple Kush Seeds

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by MOBee, Aug 16, 2009.


    MOBee Active Member

    Hello, Im From Canada,Quebec and im seeking around 10-20 seeds of Purple Kush. Anyone know a website or someone who have REAL purple kush seeds (not clone)!

    Because where i live its almost impossible to get a hand on those kush seeds.

    Thanks alot.

    scwascwa Well-Known Member

    you live in canada man go to a smoke shop and buy them lol

    MOBee Active Member

    Man its not that easy here... dunno why everyone think canada is awesome for that...

    I Mean... Most popular strain here = M39 and AK Cuz its Fast, Effective.

    But kush is kinda hard to get. (Real kush) alot = rip off.

    MOBee Active Member

    And btw... there is no smoke shop in quebec! weed is illegal here lol. seeds are legal but not weed.

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