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Purple jems???

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by MinorThreat, Feb 15, 2010.


    MinorThreat Active Member

    hey everyone i am fixing to order a autoflowering strain for a stealth grow, and i saw where lowryder has a new addition called purple jems! it has a beautiful royal purple color to it, im just interested to see if anyone has tried this or knows anything about it! right now its between it and the auto AK 47any input would be greatly appreciated! thank you:leaf::bigjoint:

    MinorThreat Active Member

    well everyone i just ordered em! hopefully all will be well i will def. keep everyone updated!

    bigballin23 Active Member

    where did you order from?
    Random noise boy

    Random noise boy Well-Known Member

    I've seen it, but that all, looks really good, and i've been working on a purple aurto strain myself. I'm going to buy some and see how it works cross breading to my strain.

    Coolvibes Well-Known Member

    How will you cross auto flowering strain? If you use other genetics other than auto flower you will infect the auto flower side of the genetics and as you know there is no male seeds and even if you created a hermaphrodite the seeds will be female
    Random noise boy

    Random noise boy Well-Known Member

    Hi coolvibes

    U'll see on my post that i said i'm working on a auto flowering purple strain. I started with auto blueberry, and purplewreck (not auto) i got the auto flowing stablised, but not the purple colour (about 50/50), so thought if i cross this new purple strain with mine, might help me stablise the purple colouring, cos so far its proving very hard to get 100% purple plants

    MinorThreat Active Member

    i ordered them from ATTITUDE seed bank!

    thepike1984 Member

    Purple Jems is a strain originaly made from a member over at ICMag called Mossy. The original name was Mossy' Jem. Heres some eye candy. P.S. These are not my pics


    CrackerJax New Member

    I am also on the hunt for some auto's and i just looked at these a few days ago... intriguing.

    MinorThreat Active Member

    hey guys! yea those pics look delicious! im still waiting on my beans to get here it has been 1 week exactly! and to you noise boy from the pics ive seen this would def. be a nice strain to tinker around with and some purple wreck background sounds like a great add on! Im excited to get these growing since it is a new strain to the Auto family
    Random noise boy

    Random noise boy Well-Known Member

    I'm loving the pic's! My mind is made up, i'm ordering some, see how it works with mine

    MinorThreat Active Member

    Hell yeah Noise boy one more on the PURPLE JEMS list! my beans have still not came in yet, still waiting:-( im getting to antsy i need to smoke a bowl and relaxbongsmilie

    cdaly69 Member

    Please do keep up posted with your grow. Im always interested in hearing about new strains to add to my 'next grow' list.

    Attitude might just be a little late updating their site, but I notice these seeds are not yet appearing in the Auto Flowering Seeds section and I didn't know about them until I saw this post.

    MinorThreat Active Member

    Glad to update as far as the seeds go! they arrived yesterday and i must say i am very impressed with attitude seed bank, VERY FAST SHIPPING and service! only 1 week from ordering and bam hello ladies i would def. recommend them for any future buyers out there! and i scored some nice freebies:bigjoint:bongsmilie:eyesmoke:

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    HIGH 4 LIFE Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about ordering some of the Purple jems , please let me know if they are any good . Also check out the seeds @ dutchbreed.com they have some real good seeds very very fast free Stealth shipping

    Random noise boy these may help you out.


    Purple Evolution
    Purple Evolution > description > Purple Evolution , was created by crossing a squat purple indica phenotype skunk #1 mother and a 7 days auto flowering 100% lowryder father that grew very quick and a secret Brazilian strain giving this strain a strong heavy hitting stone and a fruity flavor with a fantastic purple coloring and very heavy covering of trichomes, Purple Evolution will grow with dense purple crystal covered colas, also works well with cfls lighting but will grow around 20 inches if put into flower at 12 inches better to screen grow this with cfls or grow normally with hps.

    This is not auto flowering its a 12/12 strain​

    Flowering Weeks: 8/9
    THC level: Strong 18-23%
    Yield per plant: 120 grams upto 280 ​
    Random noise boy

    Random noise boy Well-Known Member

    Looks a nice strian high 4 life, but its not auto. I'm quite glad about that tho, cos if it was then i'd have to decide between the 2 lol

    Thanks anyway mate

    cdubs40 Active Member

    Yea, I had to go to the lowryder tab and they are there at the top. They must have forgotten to reference it or something.

    buddz17 Member

    yeah defiantly want to hear how this strand goes cause it looks sick and as a newbie grower im just looking for some good bud haha
    sven deisel

    sven deisel Well-Known Member

    yeah i got some of the jems they all popped but seem to be stuck on stupid anyone else having this problem

    MinorThreat Active Member

    Hey everyone glad to update my purple jem is doing great! check out my journal in my sig.! she is on day 13 and i can already see purpleing in the branches!

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