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purple indica.. FLOWERING (pics) CFL

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by acidraindrips, Mar 2, 2007.


    acidraindrips Active Member

    Alright, Well this is my first actual grow and I believe I have done pretty well up until this point, but I am about to start flowering and i had a few questions/ concerns. I started my seed in a small plastic red cup initially but then transplanted into a little larger ceramic pot. I left it in here for the first two and a half weeks or so because I seriously underestimated root growth. Then I got some super dank organic potting soil at home depot and got some perlite for aeration, and transplanted into the pot that is seen below. My setup right now for veg is two cfl's- one blue spectrum (90w) and a red spectrum (120 w) in a 10 " light dome fixture coming out of a y adapter so the light can be more concentrated. it has been on 18/6 lighting since she was a little seedling and I about to switch over to 12/12, but will I need more lights? I planned on getting another 120 w red spectrum floro, but what do you guys think? cant go mh or hps... too hot. I had this in a bunch of different setups, but its in a white 5 gallon bucket insulated with aluminum foil for right now. Is there anything (aluminum tape, mylar,) that will refract light better. The buckets inside is white ,but this does not have the same effect as white matte paint does it? Also, my nutes are foxfarm big grow and big bloom. about to start flowering so how much of the big bloom should i be using. Also, I believe its an indica/ sativa cross maybe or just an indica by the tight node spacing and the alternating nodes, but what do you think? I dont know exactly what I am doing considering this is my first time, but any feedback is great. Thanks . peace and stay irie.

    pic 1: at two and a half weeks weeks just after transplant
    pic 2: one month (today) growing fast
    pic 3: One month, the leaves are incredible

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    jondoe69 Active Member

    Hello Acidraindrips,
    I can answer a few of your questions...perhaps not all. You stated that you an not go with HPS or MH lighting. My guess is that for the flowering cycle you will want to go with as much light as your space can handle. If heat is your concern...and you have a limit on temperatures....I don't think you can put too much light on the plants. Go with what works for you.

    Regrading your reflected light question....I've been told to stay away from the super reflective stuff like....mylar and aluminum foil...the can magify the light and burn your plants....go with the white matte paint...I don't think you have to worry about the bucket's white surface.

    Regarding your nutes.....go slow! Easy on the nutes....read the directions and err on the side of caution. I have burned some plants before with too much nutes in the water. As they say in cooking...you can always add more, but you can't take it away once you've added it to the sauce!

    I can't help you with the indica/sativa questions...good luck.

    So far your grow looks healthy and in good shape.

    Grow strong!

    UserFriendly New Member

    me thinks you have a decent light setup there. you should bend it over, tie it down, veg it for a couple more weeks, then flower.

    MRZeeHC Member

    Wt u feedn it

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