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Purple Haze #1 Positronics?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Blooddrunk, Feb 25, 2010.


    Blooddrunk Member

    Hello i was on worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com, and found this purple haze #1 from positronics? has anyone ever grown this strain from positronics?

    i tryed looking for a grow of this strain but found no one except this "http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=149312&page=3" but it doesnt provide much info on the strain its self..


    heres the description from the website.

    Created in the USA during the 70s, it became famous because of the Jimmy Hendrix song. That variety differs greatly to the one offered nowadays by Positronics as, in the beginning, Purple Haze was characterisied by medium-low psychoactivity and minimal production. Hazes were too pure to flower and did not develop adequately. Despite this, it was the most smoked variety at Woodstock. Since then Positronics have kept this variety a jealously-guarded secret to relaunch it nearly 40 years later to get you hooked on the hippy generation vibe that we miss so much.
    Emormously vigorous plant with large, medium-thickness stems that take on purple hues. Large internodal distance, similar growth pattern to Claustrum, dividing out its branches in a fir or candelabra-like fashion thus optimising the production of floral bunches.
    Moderate number of large, thin and jagged leaves. Flowers acquire purple tones with shades varying from violet to maroon, giving this variety a unique polichromy that is a real visual delight. Will doubtless become the ueen of the arden! rowroom.
    AROMA: Heady aroma between incense and cinnamon, slightly acidic, very peculiar.
    TASTE: Revolutionary even before the mythical Skunk. Made an impact owing to its powerful high and bitter-sweet taste. Its complex flavour offers notes ranging from sweet to spicy with a very incensed aftertaste that lingers on the palate.
    EFFECT: Instant high characteristic of sativas that unexpectedly allows the creative juices to flow. Purple Haze can cause a strange yet nice feeling in which objects’ (including our own bodies] ability to float is enhanced while everything is enveloped in a mysterious purple mist … be aware that this effect may not be enjoyable for beginners.
    Purple Haze become very big plants and will need poles and ties to support their large branches. They also require a large amount of space for their root systems and copious amounts of water. In short, not appropriate for balconies or terraces.
    Outdoors, owing to its ample vegetative period, we can always delay sowing until June-July to diminish its enormous vigour because, if not, we would be left facing a hefty pruning job. Inside, we recommend forcing early flowering to take up less space. Furthermore, permanent ventilation is necessary for optimum flower development.
    Purple Thai x Haze x …
    Fungus Resistance: Moderate
    THC: 22%
    CBD: 0.2%
    Outdoor: 25-30th November
    Indoor: 70days
    Outdoor: 350gr per plant
    Indoor: 400gr/m2

    Thanks, Blood

    southboy101 Member

    ok, so i am in my last two weeks of flowering positronics purple haze and i must say that the plant looks nothing like th photo they show on the site. i have had temps in the LOW 50s at night since day one of flowering and i haven't gotten the hint of purple in neither the leaves or the buds. this is very disappointing. i mean dont get me wrong, nice colas and amazing smell but how can i tell people its purple haze if there is no purple at all on da buds. i dunno dude

    dankydonky Active Member

    lol i doesn't seem to have low-medium high if it has 22% of thc as they claim.. lol

    teoborg Active Member

    Wondering the same, any info at all? This will be a free ceed that will come with my order and I'm not sure if its worth it to grow..
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    Positronics is legit, if only they offered regs seeds, i had debated getting this but i went with sannies kiling fields insread and i dont regret it.

    teoborg Active Member

    I would never buy Positronics, but there are some beans for free with my main order from Attifude. I'm just wondering if it worth the effort to grow it ( together with : Critical 47, Blue Rhino and Purple Haze).
    I guess Sannies is much better than anything..

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    Blue Rhino is seriously good! It surprised the hell out of me.

    slipstar059 Member

    Get out your pinchers this one likes to stretch its a very good yielder indoors and it will stretch out around 5 times its starting height. Trellis netting or staking is required as the whole thing will decide that the floor is way comfier than standing up. Great smell and taste, but no purple to speak of. Highly recommended.

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