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Purple branches

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by jzaagman, Sep 4, 2007.


    jzaagman Active Member

    So I have an outdoor plant but it is in a huge bucket, not in the ground. It has been growing GREAT for the last 12 weeks as I have been giving it small doses of fert, trying not to burn it out. It started flowering like crazy about 10 days ago so I changed the fert, giving her a 15-27-5 ratio fert...and when I got home from the long weekend up north, there were crazy white hairs everywhere and actual buds starting to show! One problem, the stems leading to my fan leaves are dotted with purple spots and some are turning completely purple...but just the stems leading to the fan leaves, nothing else. Anyone know what this is and how I can fix it if it is something bad Thanks all

    shwamie Active Member

    Mine are doing this as well.. I dont think its anything to worrie about, as ive seen many other grows with this same issue.

    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    yeah tis nothing to worrie about,people say its from whaether below i think 65degrees,or it can also b from the type of strain.mine r like this as well.u should b fine..good luck with ur grow....rascalone

    fatherhood Well-Known Member

    well Im glad to hear that ur plant is doing well and buds are growing well..the reasone that the purple is on the stem is (from what hightimes mag says)from temps at night dropping down pretty far....BUT....i dont know if I agree...WHY you ask..lol..because I too have a plant like that (turning purple on the stems of leaves)and I have other ones right beside it and they are not changing at all...so...i dont know ..IMO.. I think that it may be the strain or breed what ever u want to call it that could make it do that..because if it were due to the chill at night y isnt the others doing it.....not to question the knowledge of the great ganja growers affiliated with hightimes but I do think that it would be a great question for them....smok on..peace

    BeachGrower79 Well-Known Member

    good question bro. my 2 kush plants doin same thing,but not purple,...maroon?

    mountainSpliff Well-Known Member

    Yup two or three of my plants are going purple too. I think its cool!! :mrgreen:

    mr.x007 Well-Known Member

    After the air drops below a curtain degrees "i think its around 65F" the plant for some reason either blocks out nutes. or the cold the doesn't allow it to absorb them. thus causing the "highways" in side the plants to go purple. i know there more science to it I'm not quit sure of all it but that pretty much sums it up. HAPPY GROWS GOOD LUCKK!!

    mr.x007 Well-Known Member

    check out the link in my sig.

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