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Pure Essential Black Label

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by HobbyGrower72, Oct 30, 2011.


    HobbyGrower72 Active Member


    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    They're just another company looking to make a buck off growers who enjoy fancy packaging. They're not bringing an NPK ratio to the table that's any different than any other 2 part bloom formula and the fact that their grow formula is in 2 parts should be a red flag. I'm sure it'll work as well as any other similar product on the market.

    HobbyGrower72 Active Member

    I use a 2-part grow (AN Sensi) and isn't lucas a 2-part? Can you enlighten me as to why you feel this is a red flag?

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    Why does a grow formula need 2 parts? Many companies who aren't trying to bend us over as consumers make one part grow formulas and they work wonderfully. GH makes a 3 part that is used from veg to harvest. It's designed to be somewhat versatile which shouldn't be compared to a company who splits up parts in order to increase profits.

    ganjafree Member

    Nutrients are split into multiple parts because calcium will precipitate out of solution when mixed with a sulfate, unless it is a one-part slurry formula, like Botanicare makes. So you get calcium mixed in one bottle and sulfate in the other. It is not a trick to get people to spend more, or a sign of low-quality nutrients. After all, Canna, which is one of the best on the market, comes in two parts.

    eDude Well-Known Member

    Yup, Sheldon, the guy that makes the Quantum ballast is make'n that. A lot of people are on the hype train for this one. It's just getting started.

    From what I've seen it does work. The guy isn't an idiot. If you got some for free then try it out. I don't know the cost but I assume it's not cheap cause it's from Sheldon.

    eDude Well-Known Member

    That's so cute.. Do you know what precipitation is? How to nutrient companies avoid it? The poser is here to clue you in once again..

    One very simple way is to keep the elements apart. With out melting your mind with chemistry it has to do with something called double replacement. The other way is to make the solution so acidic that precipitation is less likely..

    This is how a bottle of nutes goes bad. They get rocks formed in them. It's basically chalk at that point and is insoluble and useless to the plant. So.. bottles that are separate have a longer shelf life and are not as acidic.

    Dyna Gro has to be marked as hazardous for shipping.. lol cause it's so caustic.

    Learn something new everyday huh HB? :lol: Learn a little more. Check out the hogland solution. Every horticulture student makes it in class..


    guygreen Member

    Naysayers gonna Naysay! Im sure the guys at Black Label will happily send out all the samples your garden could need to get their point across... you should drop em' an email on their site or the FB and get hooked up.

    See for yourself before you dismiss a new product.

    rockinriggin Member

    I have used these nutes. My ladies used to be on their FB page. I ran them side by side with X nutes and H and G, and all three did really well. Literally within a few grams weightwise. The PE grew some really sweet tasting stuff.

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