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Puffy BUDS

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by The Big Man, Apr 17, 2010.

    The Big Man

    The Big Man Active Member

    This is the second time I have had this problem. I hope someone can give me some insight. I use 1000K Lights. My plants grow fine and look beautiful. When I finally dry them out, the buds come out like air puffs. They look nothing like these tight nuggets like everyone else. They smoke great but they are just way too puffy.
    I doubt it is my drying process. I leave them out for a couple of days to hang and then I bottle them in glass jars which I open for twenty minutes or so once a day.

    From what I have read, I am thinking it may be too much heat from the lights which my room usually maxes out at about 82 degrees or so......


    thewinghunter Active Member

    some of my strains were puffy some were not. same light. sanme coniditons. u got a sativa?

    gcvt420 Active Member

    We need more info on your setup. Your daytime temps seem a bit high. Your dry hanging time seems a bit short.

    But....how many 1000w lights, how many plants, how many square feet, what type of hydro system, what nutrients, etc.?

    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    are your lights 1000k or 1000watts, what kind hps, mh, floros?
    bud nugbong

    bud nugbong Moderator

    it sounds like they either didnt bud long enough or the light wasnt intense enough. ususally when the light is not intense enough during flowering they come out like that. but if you are running 1000w youve gotta have that pretty far away. ive had buds like that on the inside and bottom of plants where the sun couldnt reach them.
    The Big Man

    The Big Man Active Member

    Yes, I am growing white widow. 4 plants per light. Digital ballasts. one to two feet from the plants.
    The Big Man

    The Big Man Active Member

    I use advanced nutrients.
    Rusty Crutch

    Rusty Crutch Well-Known Member

    I use DM potash plus and a hormone spray called "budda burst" to get my naturally fluffy colas to put on weight and tighten up. There are plenty of additives on the market (Cyco swell, Liquid lead etc) that will increase weight and compactness in the later stages of flowering. I suggest a trip to your local hydro store for more information.
    The Big Man

    The Big Man Active Member

    I think you got it. I didn't let them bud long enough. I was just looking at some pics of other buds with the brown hairs. I didn't let my hairs get brown... WTF:wall:

    TheGreenMidget Member

    i had a similar issue with a soil grow a bit ago. i nute burned it, and it never really recovered after a flush so i harvested it early. The buds were airy, basically just leaves and hairs and the calyxes never swelled. Very mild high, but upbeat and in the head, no depressant couch-lock type effects at all. I actually kind of liked it because I could smoke a fatty joint in the morning and it would get me happy and awake without being too high for complex tasks. I got just shy of a QP from the one plant and i've never gone thru 4 oz so fast in my life.

    It was great for smoking big ol' blunts without getting super baked like kyme bud, or getting headaches like schwag.

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