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Pruning Your Bud

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by skunkushybrid, Oct 3, 2006.


    skunkushybrid New Member

    When do you start pruning your bud? We're 4 weeks into flowering tomorrow, doesn't time fly in retrospect, so pruning isn't far away. How long before harvest do we prune? Also I've heard that pruning the bud stresses the plant into producing more thc.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor


    I only take off dead yellow leaves... NO pruning.. unless I am taking clones.. or if the plants got bigger than my ability to light them.. meaning that the lower foliage is getting NO light...

    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    I answered this question.. I thought??

    No need to prune.. I only prune the yellow dying or dead leaves....


    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    i heard two different opinions. one being that there is no need to prune, as stated by Known. and two being that pruning the lower branches and excess fan leaves increases bud production for the main branches. WWJD? What Would Jorge Do?
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    You can prune the lower branches that you know are not going to get enough light. But yeah what GK said. Dont prune the fan leaves unless you need to.


    Jorge said to go fuck yourself. Lol! j/k
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    jorge ?

    who's that?
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    He is Jorge Cervantez (sp). He is pretty famous in the pot world. I have one of his grow dvd's.

    skunkushybrid New Member

    Look, i'm not on about pruning the lower branches. That was done a while ago, and I now have 45 clones 6 days in. The rest of the clones that weren't used we pulled apart, dried out and smoked. Not too bad either for just under 4 weeks flowering. It tasted of red beard, which may well be a slang term you haven't heard, what about yard-weed? Anyway, it also had a nice mellowing effect. We gave a friend some without telling him and he said the same things.

    What I'm on about with this thread is BUD PRUNING. Like say a week before harvest you are meant to prune your buds which stresses her into producing more thc and gives you a nice shapely bud. I'm not sure if it is a week hence the thread. For all I know it could be two weeks.

    Shit, don't prune the fan leaves? For every level of clones we took we also removed the fan leaves just below so now there is just one set of fan leaves beneath the lower branches. Obviously the fan leaves continue up the plant, but we have just left one set beneath the lower branches. I assumed that the trimmed branched-fan leaves were of no use anymore.
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    I havent heard of this one yet. Do you just take of a little off each bud? The tops I would guess? The only thing similar I have done is double harvested. Taking the ripe buds off and leaving the others to ripen.

    Are you going to try this? If you can leave a few untouched to see if you can tell a difference and let us know. Thanks Skunk.

    Edit: after rereading I am assuming you cut around the entire bud. Like giving it a shave?

    silvernomad Well-Known Member

    Too much Stress can give you hermies also........I have heard about what you maybe trying to do, but it was more of kinking (make sure you surport it up with a branch or stake) the main stalk.
    I have never tried this, but some local fellow outdoor growers do this a day or two before the harvest moon with no problems.


    skunkushybrid New Member

    It looks like I'll have to do a search and try and gather some info on the ideal time to do this. I'm not even sure how to do it, I imagined that it was the spare leaf material around the edges. The bloke who told me, his words were "it's like you're cutting into the bud but you're not." We were stoned at the time, just staring at the budding beauties. I'm seeing the geezer later so I'll ask for a bit more info'.

    With what widow said though I imagine that you do have to just give it a trim. Obviously just smoke the waste. It's time scale that concerns me. If it's as nomad said 48 hours before harvest, is this enough time for the plant to create the extra thc? I think I'll do as widow suggested and just do it to a couple. As soon as I find out the time-scale I'll post some pics.

    I've also tied one of the plants, the weakest plant we have, and after two days she is looking a lot better. Well bigger buds, but then they all have bigger buds.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Jorge ... oh ... lol.. that JORGE...

    i love jorge

    Spittn4cash Well-Known Member

    so skunk what did ya find out?

    skunkushybrid New Member

    That there were a lot of things I needed to learn.

    It certainly seemed to mature quicker (although I know this is impossible) and the resin production did increase. Noticeable compared to the others? I don't know.

    I do know that added stresses towards the end of flowering will cause your plants to produce more resin.

    I snapped off a main stem about half way through flower a couple of grows ago and sellotaped it back on again. It took about 9 days to completely heal. I wrapped the tape tight but when I unwrapped it the place where it had healed was a massive lump, about four times the size of the rest of the stem, and compared to the others this beauty was covered in snow. Lost a bit on yield though, although not much.

    star22 Member

    so im growing outdoors .. and i have a tree now its a hybrid mostly indica about 5'7 now its been flowering for 3months now . and im wondering can i take the top buds off . ?????


    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    wow thats long flowering for three months of this strain ? it should be pure sativa, what kind of strain that you speak of ?

    if the top cola are ripen and the rest of popcorns are still not done..yeah you can only harvest the top...

    Im wondering , how would you know if the buds are ripen ? and welcome to this community :)

    happy gardening.

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