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Proposed regs for CA cultivation

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by ruwtz, Sep 13, 2017 at 11:49 PM.


    ruwtz Well-Known Member

    If there's an ongoing conversation here about this I didn't find it, and so i'm starting one.

    Please contribute if you're staying close to developments, and everyone else is invited to read up and jump in.

    Follow this link to view DFA proposed regs

    Everything kicks in Jan 1st, 2018 and I expect these regs are exactly how it will be. Which is nothing short of an admin nightmare for anyone wanting to make some money and remain compliant in California.

    Here's my summary:

    1. scalable licenses available with applicable scalable license fee (i.e. "speciality cottage indoor" license of up to 500sqft of total canopy will cost $900 annually)
    2. scalable application fees (the above is $100)
    3. requires local business license and valid sellers permit from BoE prior to application
    4. requires corporately-issued surety bond for $5,000 for cost of destroying any non-compliant product
    5. evidence of permit issued by Regional Water Quality Control board
    6. certification of compliance with zoning, building code, noise ordinances and land use
    7. evidence of conformance with public resources code and Environmental Quality Act
    8. propose in-depth "cultivation plan", comprising premises diagram showing propagation areas, canopy areas, processing areas, designated refuse area, water source and storage location, lighting diagram and pest management plan
    9. evidence of notifying local fire dept of said cultivation plan
    Licensee must report ALL plants in Track & Trace database, where all plants are given unique identifier (UID). UID shall accompany plant throughout cycle, and each harvest shall receive a new UID associated with all UIDs for contributing plants.

    Harvested product may be transferred only to another licensed entity (manufacturer, transporter, dispensary etc), and all transfers must be reported via Track & Trace including weight, departure time and estimated arrival time.

    This is what I got from it.

    Seems pretty straightforward, huh?!

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