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Proper way to plant seeds (with diagram picture)

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jpowers, Sep 16, 2011.


    jpowers Member

    Hey guys, I drew up a quick diagram of the proper way to plant seeds. Cannabis must and always does make an anchor with the tap root to lift up the heavy leaves above ground. If you plant the seed with the tap root facing down it has to do 2 loops to make an anchor. Both ways will work but to put less stress on the seed better to plant it with the root up.


    Edit: I noticed I never made the red area I intended, any who it's the bend in green root the first image.

    stony13 Member

    well, I fucked up. oh well, what if you did the opposite? will the sprouts still pop up or should i start all over?

    Trulife69 Active Member

    Ive planted seeds every which a way..Usually the seed either pops or it doesnt...i put point down,1/2" at most into rockwool cube or seed starting mix..high humidity and dont let your stuff dry out. Stony,dont put that much thought into it. Youll be fine

    stony13 Member

    thanks for the advice! they turned out fine. :-D

    unlucky Well-Known Member

    she rolls her eyes :roll:

    iPurpleSticky Member

    Jpowers, your enthusiasm is astonishing, but your claims aren't exactly right.

    The marijuana seed is advanced enough to get over this issue. What you've posted a solution for, isn't a problem.

    Seeds in nature have a mechanism to grow. If the marijuana species didn't have this amazing trait to grow whichever way a seed lands, the marijuana plant wouldn't exist anymore.

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