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Proper way to clean up after (sp)mites.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Mindless, Feb 9, 2008.


    Mindless Well-Known Member

    Hey guys/ladies.
    I had a grow in my main room around 2 months ago go bad due to spidermites. I have let the room site for quite a bit now with nothing plant like in there . Was wondering what the best way to clean all my equipment is ?

    Should i just bleach the crap out of everything ? I have 2 weeks till my plants NEED to go in there . But i also have 30 clones coming . I don't want to waste 3000$ worth of clones due to poor cleanup .

    Thanks for reading my first post here . I will get a pic(s) of my room/equipment in a little bit here .

    david6767 Well-Known Member

    awioe sown grow room walls, floor, cieling and equipment with a 5% bleach solution - and bug bomb if you can

    Mindless Well-Known Member

    "awioe sown grow room walls" Can you tell me what this means? I know alot but have been out of the loop . Is this a mis spell ? Or a product?
    Also Do you think bleach or ammonia would be a better cleaner in this case?
    Thanks for your help . btw

    david6767 Well-Known Member

    sorry mate, meant wipe down - haven't quite got the hand of this touch typing yet, home keys tend to wander!

    david6767 Well-Known Member

    and if i were you i would use bleach, annomia is just a bit too strong - esp in an enclosed area!

    Mindless Well-Known Member

    Thanks a ton . Gonna get bleaching . Just don't know how well my plastic walls will hold up . Guess i spot test :)

    Thnx again

    david6767 Well-Known Member

    5% solution should not cause any worries mate

    dylster88 Well-Known Member

    who much did you pay for each clone>?

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    let me be your clone dealer....

    Seroiusly clean the room well, but more importantly clean the clones ....

    Mindless Well-Known Member

    I'm getting 30 purple kush clones fronted . Once there done and parted off i owe 3000$

    All things considered to get some good genetics up front of some purp that is selling for 500$ an oz around here right now. Its not a bad deal . My buddy is funding everything to start . And will be taking care of parting it out . I figure if i only get 2 1/2 oz per plant . (What i have averaged so far)
    I'm still looking at a $37500 return . Splitting that with my dealer i come out a little over 15 grand . So i am quite happy :)

    Thanks for the tips . The clones will be fresh . I have till Tuesday to clean . And finish setting up. Gotta go buy more pots/dirt today . Will get some pics up when i have things setup.
    I'm sure you guys will be seeing allot more of me around here . I truly appreciate your help. Since OG i haven't had a place to get advice and or share my experiences with I'm liking this place . Hard to find a marijuana forum these days that you can get a reply let alone good advice .

    Mindless Well-Known Member

    Actually i just got a call. I'm going to be working 5 different strains . 5 of each clone. This throws a little wrench in my works but its all valued there same here . So i guess my growlog will be a little more interesting than i thought . I will end up having 4 of each to flower now and 1 mother of each strain.

    Cant wait . My first "big" grow. Haven't done over 3 yet . At once anyway. Wish me luck :)

    Btw. My room is 8x8x7(?) i have 3 400w hps and 1 400w mh.

    fthood22 Active Member

    Get lost punk.. your in the rong site..

    Mindless Well-Known Member

    WTF is this about? Trying to get your postcount up ?

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