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Proper curing

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Oregonhwy101, Jul 24, 2017.


    Oregonhwy101 Active Member

    Temps and hummidity going to be making a curing box just curios as to what temp and humidity would be ideal ?

    VinnyOcean Active Member


    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    The higher the temp, the faster the cure, to a point. Wouldn't go over about 100 F or it would stop the curing by destroying the enzymes. For humidity, 75%, maintained by sitting a container of salt in there, with a small fan to move the air, until it completely liquifies. Then add more salt.
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    clouds Well-Known Member

    is 70 F too cool to do my drying in

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Yeah it would take forever and possibly get mold, which prefers cool temps. You would want at least 80 F. The enzymes speed up with increased temperature, but will start getting destroyed at about 115. Around 100-105 is usually best.

    About the salt thing I mentioned, I guess a simple dehumidifier would probably be better, the small thermoelectric kind with no compressor. It'll be done in 3-5 days at those temperatures, when it reaches 57-58% rh.

    QtrNdaPuss Well-Known Member

    drying at 100-105 degrees? that's wild never heard that before in my life.

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Well, it's kind of my own personal methodology, based on tobacco "flue curing". The only difference is that with tobacco you have to keep the rh high for the first two days, to make it turn yellow, but with weed it turns too brown and the aroma is altered too much, so I just keep pulling water out with calcium chloride right from the start. It turns out perfect, lighter than cold cured but not actually brown and with a really nice aroma.

    I should have recommended calcium chloride earlier but salt is easier to find and does at least get it down to 75% rh. Calcium chloride will take it down to 35% rh if you leave it long enough. Which is why I keep a close eye on it at the end. I figured salt would be safer for a first try.
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    Heil Tweetler

    Heil Tweetler Well-Known Member

    "The ideal temperature for a drying room is between 65 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity between 45 – 55 percent in a dark room."

    I go with 65-75F but I dont let rh drop below 50%. I thought that the general rule was that in basic room temperatures curing humidity should be 50-65% about 7-10 days, dark room, decent air flow.

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    It's a matter of whether you want the curing/drying to take a week or a few days. I like to get it taken care of quickly so I increase the temperature. It's not like 100 F is an oven. It's a cool day in Mexico. But that's just me. I found it superior to air drying myself, less mold, better aroma, more potency. I noticed that by the end of the second day the potency becomes noticeably higher, meaning when I dry a test bud in the microwave. Haven't noticed that with air drying. I seriously think the raised temp increases the potency.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member


    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Why the head bumping? Ain't like anyone has seriously investigated how best to cure Cannabis, meaning actual scientists.

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    You lost me after typing about putting bud in the microwave. Plus the ideal temperature for mold is 34°c....that's 93°f.

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Uh, microwaves produce heat, which is good for drying weed out quickly to test. You may not have heard, only invented in the 1940s.

    About mold, first google result;

    "Mold spores thrive in temperatures 32 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures from about 70 – 90 degrees are the most conducive for mold growth. Chances of mold growth are heightened greatly between those temperatures." https://moldblogger.com/top-3-things-mold-needs-to-grow/

    I recommended 100 F, which to my knowledge is not between 70 and 90.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    nah, aint no thing. we all come to the same sparked joint.

    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    All those microwave buds are not good for you....
    By the way you cited an independent resource, no scientific backup. Not even the FDA


    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    A microwave doesn't produce heat. It excites molecules that then generate heat. Drying weed in a microwave is scientifically retarded. It's known as the "S.O.C." Special Olympics Cure.

    Google that.
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    QtrNdaPuss Well-Known Member

    I think if you "get" mold while drying it was probably there to begin with. back when I was trying to figure out how to grow good buds my stuff would always taste like hay after harvest. one time it was put into a janky shed to dry during the middle of winter it took like 3 weeks to dry but the taste was actually there. the temps were probably around 45 during the day and below freezing at night time. Now I just dry the regular way in a 60-75 degree room and it works out well normally takes like 7-10 days for me. I don't really monitor humidity... and why dry a test bud in a microwave that just ruins it. i'd rather smoke a wet bud at least it won't have that nasty microwave flavor and consistency. and on the other hand I've dried in a room that was around 90 before and it dried in 4 days and it still had flavor to it. I think flavors are more genetics than anything else. but the higher temp dry did seem to lessen it but just a bit. still acceptable though imo but that's more or less something I think a cash cropper would be into. I personally want every little bit out of my greens so I do what works best for my situation but I have done a whole lot of different techniques and the regular way that everyone uses is the best for my situation.
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    QtrNdaPuss Well-Known Member

    I'd say the biggest improvement in flavor for me was letting them dry for another day after I felt like they were dry then starting the cure. I figure excess moisture when getting sealed up for the first time is what kills flavor. Idk it's all magic at that point.
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    hantastic1 Well-Known Member

    thats just crazy talk. dont ever dry shit in that high of a temp unless you want that bc, reggie, hay smell all upon the buds... why would you give some shitty advice like this?
    the best drying temp is in the dark at 60-70 degrees for at least 10 days in 50-60% humidity...

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Quite the opposite, it gets rid of that fresh smell and replaces it with primo weed smell. 60-70 degrees is just begging for powdery mildew. If you take your buds and hold them up and flick them with your finger you'll see a big cloud of powery mildew spores.

    The idea is to dry it, right? Well obviously things dry faster at 100 than at 60-70. Or do you just like inefficiency?

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