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Problems with dry green dry leaves, and some burnt tips. (a lot of pictures)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Hushgon, Sep 14, 2017.


    Hushgon Member

    I have a bit of a problem with leaves that are drying out and not yellowing.
    If you look at the pictures you see all kinds of places where it dries, tips, sides, entire leaves.
    I have had a thrips problem so i have sprayed the plant twice with Pyrethins(sp?) to get rid of them, im thinking that either this is burn damage from water, some kind of thrips damage?, neut burn, nitrogen toxicity as there are small black spots on the dried parts or heat damage as the box runs a bit hot at 82f.
    I don't personally think it's neut burn as i've only watered twice with 2 liters in a 11 liter pot.

    I've also got a clone that had thrips thats just inside of a window it also has "yellowing tips" and could never have been damage through heat.

    So im guessing Water + Heat + Pyrethins is causing the damage as i just checked the PH of the water and it should be around 6-7

    If you guys can spot anything strange or give me ideas what it might be.

    under a 125w CFL so the heat shouldn't be extreme.

    edit: i fudged the title...

    2017-09-14 10.23.44 - Copy.jpg 2017-09-14 10.23.51 - Copy.jpg 2017-09-14 10.24.00 - Copy.jpg 2017-09-14 10.24.06 - Copy.jpg 2017-09-14 10.28.39 - Copy.jpg 2017-09-14 10.32.35 - Copy.jpg 2017-09-14 10.32.47 - Copy.jpg 2017-09-14 10.33.02 - Copy.jpg
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I got he same kind of damage on my plants spraying for thrips right now so don't worry about it. Not my first kick at this can.

    Kill the f'ers first by hitting them every 3 or 4 days for a month and be especially good at the undersides of the leaves where they lay their eggs.

    You'll likely see more damage before you win the war but thrips are a lot easier to wipe out than the borg, (mites), so take heart and persevere!

    Good luck!

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    Hushgon Member

    Thanks for you answer! I guess keep spraying for a while as long as there are leaves to gather sun light to kill the thrips! Anything i can do to mitigate this? Or just keep it out of the sun untill dry?

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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Are you rinsing off with plain water the day after? I'd let it dry before sitting it in the sun for sure and that should help keep the damage to a minimum. Won't really affect the outcome of the grow with the damage you have now. Tough plants.

    Hushgon Member

    No I'm not rinsing off the plant, should? Feels like that would defeat the purpose?

    Today I saw a super small larvae so there should be a new generation recently hatched, sprayed it today again hopefully the damage won't be as high this time

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure that pyrethrins is a contact killer so once it's dry it has no effect on the bugs and will build up on the leaf surface so rinsing between treatments may lessen the damage to the leaves but I'm no expert on it.

    I use a mixture of a Safer's product called End All II and neem oil. The Safer's has 20% potassium salts of fatty acids and 0.2% pyrethrins and I just add the recommended amount of neem oil to it for extra deadly effect. Something I need to get on ASAP.

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