problem wit h2 easyryder. deficiency or burn ?

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    Jacobm192 Member

    hey dudes. i really need some help with these easyryder, it's getting worse everyday. i Think it's a combination of N and MG deficiency but it oculd also be burn, since i bumbed up the nutrients, since nothing seemed to happend when i fed nutrients.
    i'm using potting soil with leca in 6.5 L pots.
    i use water with a PH between 6.0-6.5
    I'm using lucas formula with GHE nutriens, 16 ml bloom and 8 ml micro. and have gone up to 3/4 strength.
    i checked runoff and it was 6.2 PH
    here's some pics.
    Thanks :)


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    Uzergu1de Member

    I reckon lockout, flush with ph water, could be a salt buildup in the pot, I'm not a soil grower maybe someone could confirm this??

    Turm Active Member

    This a hydro grow? looks like it, keep it at 5.8. Flush it, and stay ontop of ph. Try adding cal/mag too.

    Jacobm192 Member

    nah this is a soil grow, says in the description before the pictures :)
    but thanks anyway :)

    Uzergu1de Member

    IMO in any grow if its all going wrong and u don't know what to do for the best, add less... Flush, half nutes build up gradually and keep ph in range...

    Jacobm192 Member

    i think i will flush it then, thanks for your input :)
    i just have one more question, how much water should i use for each pot ? they are 6.5 Liters. and what should the PH be ?

    Mcwhippin420 Active Member

    Just water em once till there bout 20% runoff coming out bottom a good good drain then let her sit till she feel empty if you check by weight.....or check soil few inches down
    And ph 6.5 preferably for soil but in-between 6 and 7 it should stay can't wait till I get my ph meter

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