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Problem - Fan leaves dried up and wilted overnight

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by justlooking12, Apr 7, 2010.


    justlooking12 Member

    Hey guys, whats goin on. Im a first time poster but long time reader and have just run into some trouble this morning: my fan leaves dried up and started wilting!

    I started my project December 16, 2009 and went into flowering very early (4 weeks, Jan 15, 2010) to have a fairly small LST grow. Im doing a budget grow using 4 23 watt CFL's and organic soil from a local nursery (Peat moss, blood meal, fish meal, bat guano, all the good stuff).

    For the nutes, during veg I used MG all purpose (24-8-16) sparingly and had no problems or nute burn. For flowering, I used MG bloom booster (15-30-15) with a gallon of distilled water for a while and roughly 2 weeks ago switched over to sink water + 2 TSP Molasses and feed her 3/4 gal every 4 days.

    Aside from my cat breaking in and snacking on the leaves, she has been growing beautifully the last few months with no issues. But this morning I woke up to find many of my fan leaves drying up and wilting out of nowhere. I dont know if its because I stopped using distilled water with my molasses, or yesterdays power outage which screwed up my light schedule for about 4 hours. Any input is greatly appreciated, as you guys have taught me all I know. Heres some pictures of what I found this morning.

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    justlooking12 Member

    I did a little bit of reading and apparently wilted leaves mean a nitrogen deficiency, and its normal to fan leaves to dry up during the final stages of flowering for best flavor. Can anyone confirm this? Do they look ready to you? I originally planned my harvest date this week and have been observing my trichs daily but I think they need a few more weeks. Well let me know what you guys think.

    bobbybigbud Well-Known Member

    O that's not normal ur leaves would go yellow then drop off the bud dosnt look done either dnt really no ur prob but first thing if that has come on over the last 24 hours u have done somthing wrong far to much nuitz or has the cat pissed in ya pots could be anything what's the strain how many weeks are u inn flower?

    HookdOnChronics Well-Known Member

    not quite ready yet, still needs a couple more weeks.

    And it may be a PH issue thats fucking up your leaves, seeing as how you said you JUST switched from distlled water (pretty much the perfect PH for soil I believe 7) to your sink water. Have you checked the PH of your tap water at all? I'm betting thats what the problem is, leaves do really weird things with PH fluxuations (SP?)

    raw225 Active Member

    your feeding to soon, feed every week 1/2-2 weeks & use rain water mixed with the plant food, if its says mix 1 teaspoon of food to every gallon try using 3/4 teaspoon to each gallon. water every other day feed every other week. NOW TO FIX the dying....crush up about 4-6 egg shells(NOT THE YOLK) and put in about a gallon of water. SHAKE WELL. DRAIN THE WATER IN ANOTHER JUG, STRAIN IT TO GET THE SHELLS OUT, THEN WATER YOUR PLANT WITH IT, THE CALCIUM HELPS NEUTRAL TH Ph LEVEL.

    water just enough until the water starts to flow out the bottom of the pot, once it stars doing that. the plant has enough water to get through the next two days

    justlooking12 Member

    Hey guys, thanks for the responses - I really hope Ill be able to rescue her, as there is more wilted leaves this morning. Should I get a few gal of distilled water and flush? also will the leaves that have wilted go back to normal or am I gonna have to clip em?

    Bobby, Ive been flowering since January so maybe 11 weeks, but its been 8 weeks since first sign of pistils, and this is just regular bagseed. The buds are super fat, way dense, and smell sooo sweet too so Im hoping for a good smoke when shes all done. Ill post more pics when I get back from class, cheers.

    Mr.Organic Active Member

    what type of ventilation system are you using?

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    I'm going to put in another vote for the PH theory, because I doubt that it's heat stress or underwatering. I'd go with the the flush with distilled water, then wait and see if that stops the problem. Those damaged leaves won't recover, so they'll drop off soon, or you can clip them. But, if you decide to clip them, I wouldn't clip them all, because there looks to be quite a few that are damaged, and that might be too much to take at once. It could shock the plant and delay harvest. I know it's tempting to cut off all those nasty looking things and make your plant look pretty again,lol but I'd wait til they're ready to fall off on their own, or just cut a few each day.

    Also, I agree that it's not ready to harvest yet. I'd say that it'll be another 2 weeks, maybe 3.

    glassblower3000 Well-Known Member

    you read some bad info!!!no disrespect .:bigjoint:looks like tsb or salt buildup.

    justlooking12 Member

    Hey guys, wanted to post a picture update for everyone. Thanks for all the responses and advice - I flushed her with 2 gal of distilled today, hopefully that'll stop more leaves from dying. Also moved some lighting around and added another 23 watt bulb which should speed up the flowering process. Anywho heres some pictures from a few weeks back as well as some current bud pictures let me know how she looks!

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    raw225 Active Member

    clip all the dead leaves, or they might just fall off

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    The buds don't look too bad, after checking out the pics. I want to make one suggestion though.....you should bring those lights down closer because right now is when they need it most. The more intense the lights, the more dense your buds will be. Trust me, the difference can be huge, massively increasing yield.(also increasing potency) If you had an HPS running, you wouldn't believe the difference it would make. :)

    justlooking12 Member

    Thanks for the great input guys. Im trying to figure out what to do next as shes been looking worse and worse. The leaves stopped wilting after flushing it and I proceeded to clip the completely dead ones. Few days later I noticed that the pistils are now almost 90% orange and Im getting a lot of yellowing, mainly the leaves on top of the main cola. Im not sure if I should just call it quits and bring her down, or if theres anything I can do to resurrect her. The buds look about ready to me - the original chop date was april 7th so I am not opposed to chopping unless you guys think it can still go a little longer with the yellowing leaves problem. Theres also a few top bud leaves wilting and turning a gray color...
    Anywho, heres some pictures any advice is always appreciated

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    bluntedatbirth Member

    i am having the exact same problems! does anybody have anymore input?

    i dont mean to thread-jack, but my set up is a seed thrown in the ground, given nothing but water and im guessing 5-6 weeks flowering? (vague i know but thats all i know lol)

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