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Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by coughee420, Feb 1, 2012.


    coughee420 Active Member

    Anyone using this service?

    Bonzo Member

    i use proXPN, virtually the same thing.
    do you pay for that vpn? my one is free but only limited to a usa ip and 100kb bandwidth, good enough for surfing though if i want to hide a bit.

    tyinman04 Member

    strongvpn.com great service

    coughee420 Active Member

    Yea you have to pay for it. Im thinking of pulling the trigger on a membership 2 gig package... does strongvpn store any info? or monitor?
    really comfy slippers

    really comfy slippers Active Member

    is hiding really necessary ?

    coughee420 Active Member

    I dunno whats your opinion on the topic?

    tyinman04 Member

    Not that i know of. I use it because i live in Japan right now and need state side access. StrongVPN is a great company.

    EmptyWords Active Member

    StrongVPN is a terrible service and they log everything!! It is almost impossible to trust VPN companies these days.

    If you are looking for a vpn you should look here first.
    There is a lot of vpn companies that log and a lot claim to not log but I call b.s. for the most part because they are not going to tell you if they log or not because they will lose business. There is really no way to know for sure if they are logging you or not but my bet is that most are even if they say they are not.
    These companies say they don't "share" their info but when it comes to government subpoenas, many have handed over information on users.

    Oh btw PrivatVPN should be a great service as long as you don't use their U.S. based server. Never use anything U.S. based and read the privacy statements etc very carefully on any site you decide to sign up for.

    coughee420 Active Member

    sweet yea ill stay off the USA for sure!

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