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price of hashish??

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by alanthedude, Nov 5, 2008.


    alanthedude Active Member

    just wondering...i have dis 'friend'....he wants to know how much a little block of hashish(enough for 8 ppl 2 get stoned) should be???

    'he' was told it was gona be 60 euro. but that seems rely dear cos 'my friend' got it way way way cheaper b4.....cheers!

    flatrider Well-Known Member

    waaa? dat friend , to prricey 1 g should be enough iv talked to alot of english mates online 1 g of hasish should be 20 pounds a gram, max 40 pounds.. 1 g of hasish should get 8 people comfortably stoned, note comfortable stoned not too stoned now i dunno how much this block of hashish weighs for 60 pounds

    BongJuice Well-Known Member

    1 gram of hash goes for about $15-$20
    2 grams would get alot of people stoned.
    Plus, it depends on how you smoke it too.
    Smoking it on thumb tack, with a glass and straw,
    is probably the best method I think.
    Not really sure about how many people mostly because
    I'm a greedy bastard when I have hash.
    I keep it all to myself. :mrgreen:

    flatrider Well-Known Member

    ya english currency if fucked so bascily double what ever prices they give you in american dollars or cdn dollars double it to get pounds man

    gingerbeer Well-Known Member

    I get hash for £40 an oz in the uk :) My dealer has it and he cant sell it. No1 smokes hash in the uk anymore, hence no demand for it and very cheap prices.

    alanthedude Active Member

    40 pound is like 50 euro. so 60s a bit dear is'nt it?
    its gona be in joints btw. really should get him 2 weigh it ya?

    1kooguy New Member

    Who wants to buy a lil bit of hash,via paypal?Only U.S.,free shipping.10$ g. in stamped envelope. [email protected]

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    tom__420 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else smell bacon? Or maybe it is just a stupid teenager.. one or the other haha

    Tom :joint:

    Bractman Active Member

    wtf? 40 how can people sell 28g;'s of what should be just about strait up, pure THC, cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN)and other common cannabinoids found in the trichs. Thats like 151 proof rum! The leaf dosent get you high , only the shit on the leaf, so when you smoke the high is only as good as the final product and how its handled from there. If I where to buy a piece of hash and smoke a small seed sized bit under a whisky glass with a pin, a of ball clay and flexi-straw I should be baked.
    It should not be filled with ramdom bits of leaf powder or anything and It deff can't be that that weird incense shit that most of you guys are talking about!!!!!!
    If I bust up an oz and get 4g of killer hash thats like 81 and a 1/4 bucks right there considering you pay 325 for and oz or if your a honest weed broker thats what you could get for an ounce of that strain. now say you want the gram that was pressed of the powder from the first rinse. well thats the best part of the whole oz. so thats extra plus someone had to go through the whole process of making it ,and then the convineiance of being able to carry what is basicly a 1/4oz in such a tiny space making it easy to conceal if you feel the need to.
    so I would say like $135-150 first G 2nd$100-$125 and 3rd$90-$100 4th $85-$95 so like if you wanted all 4g then its $410 maybe a little less for taking more. so I if you want to pay 20 bucks then enjoy your is it Opium? is it hash? nah is I don't know what this is. mIf the guy didnt make it him self then there are prob two diffrent dealers in some city half with "hash" and hald with"Op " and maybe and morte likley is the chap who explains it as an exotic blend of the two which why this hash looks and smells as it does all like flowers.

    Bractman Active Member

    But... most people make from trim so 40-80 a gram would be fair and be found money lowest should be 30 -35 no matter how efficient/large scale of production.

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