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Price for weed in UK

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Swiezy, Mar 20, 2012.


    Swiezy Member

    How much is for a kilo of weed in UK?


    Swiezy Member

    anybody? I'd like to get some for personal use.. It will be cheaper in a long run, but I never bought amount like that and don't wanna be sucked at the hind tit.
    Serial Violator

    Serial Violator Well-Known Member

    you're looking at around 6K at the moment depending on the quality and where in England you are. But a kilo for percy is a lot

    dankerous Active Member

    spend that money on grow stuff,invest in some Ozes to keep you going while you wait for your crop,paying for that much weed is silly,and the risk of being caught travelling with a kilo is more than having a few plants at home,just my opinion though

    Swiezy Member

    i'm not selfish, I'll burn it down with my friends help. I am looking for more opinions.

    Thanks in advance

    cheddar1985 Well-Known Member

    Anythin from 6to7k for cheese skallys on the street are knockin it out at .7 for a ten and 2 at most on the 8th

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    i dont know how many of you watch police interceptors,but a few weeks ago they found i think it was 5 kilo's in the boot of someones car,the police officer said each key was a grand.
    obviously he didnt know what he was talking about,but i thought to myself,if i was a dealer i'd love to be able to get a kilo for a grand,what a fat profit id be able to make.
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    cheddar1985 Well-Known Member

    Mate they reckon a plant can only produce 1half oz a plant they are fuckin clueless the mugs but id be very worried were police are involved !!

    NnthStTrls Well-Known Member

    your biggest problem is going to be finding someone who wants to sell you a kilo man. that's some fairly gangster shit and most dudes are gonna call you out on being a cop until you've bought some halfs and some ounces from them for a while first. if i was dealing enough to be sitting on a kilo at any given point in time, i'm gonna look at my profit margins as well. i'll make way more selling a bunch of 1/4's, halfs, and OZ's, then i will selling my whole key. that means you need to be in with a dude in the first place. in enough for him to make a special order to his dude, and in enough for him to not try and get too big of a slice of the pie himself.

    good luck on your quest man because if you are asking us..........you must not be in enough with your own dealer yet, and that shit can take time. A fucking kilo!

    Swiezy Member

    I got a friend who got a friend etc.. who can supply me with amount like that, but I am not sure for how many hands it will be passed on. Surely everybody wanna earn something on it. So that is why I'm asking.

    NnthStTrls Well-Known Member

    so what's the price quote you've got from him ?

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    If its shady friend of a friend shit, expect first to overpay and then expect less than 1000g in your key ;)

    cheddar1985 Well-Known Member

    A kg is a kg all id expect is it to get money put on at each hand fuck i remember wen you could get good bud for £3500 a kg but as sum1 has already said the market is fucked

    Swiezy Member

    I know more now. it's 7k for critical mass. I never smoked that, but read someting about this strain on rollitup, it's dense indica. Some guys says that is very good smoke, others says it's a crap. Tuth is somewhere in between probably. What do you think stoners? What price should be for it?


    cheddar1985 Well-Known Member

    You would nt get no more than 5k down these ends for it then again its cheese or nothin for most round here!!

    MysticMorris Active Member

    I agree strongly with warnings of 'gangster shit', why expose yourself to that element of the cannabis industry in the uk when you dont need to. I know people who haved been robbed blind for less. And its all for a promised saving of like 20 quid an ounce. Consider aswell that a kilo will sit for a long time and if you get borred with the smoke your stuck with it, and the risks that come with storring that amount of weed. You are far better going halfers on a bar or sumin with a dealer you know well than trying to go above thier heads and deal with the suppliers who you have no repour with and who do not trust you yet. The mark down on price is not worth it, stick with O's amigo. Very little ever goes wrong over an O.
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    cocakola Active Member

    If im not mistaken a kg is around 36 oz's a few oz's over 2 lbs , that should not be that hard to get. And 6k or 7k is a steal im in the states( the best state i might add) and for 2 p's of any sensi is gonna cost anywhere from 9k - 11k. I'd say get your grow on.... Just thought i'd give my 2 cents for no reason.. Good Luck.

    tpsmc Active Member

    I suggest buying by the pound its much cheaper ;-P stoopid metric system.

    unlucky Well-Known Member

    i will let 37oz go at 6k all day long....... 3/4k every 9/10 weeks ;-)
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    Kyle Keen Green

    Kyle Keen Green Active Member

    A Kilo for Personal use LMFAO, Gran an oz. £200-£300


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