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Powergrow! dwc 1000w

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by natasdaisy, Mar 11, 2013.


    natasdaisy Active Member

    Alright hello! Let me start off with saying Im new to this site but not to growing. I have about 7 years experience total, a few of those guerrilla style but in the last few years 100% legal ( im from the states ). Ive always grown in soil using organics specifically true living organics, however that was in a green house and I am now growing inside. since im paying for light i want the most bang for my buck soo.... DWC!
    Its my first shot at hydro so far everything is going well. Onto my setup.

    I am growing in a 4x5' room with a 6 1/2' cieling, pretty low but i will be scrogging. running a 1000w mh/hps switchable in an air cooled hood, 6" fan and carbon filter. the buckets I am using are general hydroponics powergrower eco's.... phew long name. basically a drip bucket but have modded them into dwc. very similar to waterfarms. I have 3 buckets may expand after this first test run.
    In two of the buckets are biodiesel autos, cant recall from who at the moment. In the third is a northern lights blue cant remember that one either ( im a stoner go figure ). all three are feminized. then I have two sleestack x skunks in soil that hopefully one will be a good mother plant for the next runs.
    I got three of the biodiesels and my original plan was to run 3 autos in dwc while vegging the others as moms. well only two sprouted, the third was a bad seed from the get go I soak them in water for 24 hours till they sink then into rockwool. one never sank and on closer inspection it had a crack in the shell. ohwell.
    So new plan is to veg the NLB while the autos are flowering, then I will switch to 12/12 when I feel like the Nlb is big enough probably when the autos are about 2-3 weeks from being done. I will have alittle floro cabinet for mom plants and clones but right npw they are all under the mighty 1000watt and lovin it.

    Lights are on 20 off 4. room temp is steady at 70* f. R/H is currently 40% have been running a humidifier 24/7 winter is just ending here and it has been really dry. drip rings are set to 15 min on 45 off. Air stones in buckets run constantly.
    plants are day 32 from seed, grew under floros in rockwool for aweek on just tap water before going into buckets.
    I stunted both autos right away one with overfeeding the other somehow got its second set of true leaves clipped but they are on track now. The Nlb is about a weeks growth ahead of them.
    all plants have roots into the res now and are taking off.
    autos have started to flower will feed with veg nutes until the stretch is over.
    just did a res change last night
    autos= ph 5.7 Ec 1.0 res temp 68*
    Nlb= ph 5.7 Ec 1.4 res temp 68*
    the soil plants are feed with leftover nute solution once a week watererd when needed

    So yeah that pretty much it so far feel free to ask questions make comments any are appreciated.
    other than a couple little hiccups hydro so far has been easier then i expected. once you get the hang of daily checks/adjustments its really simple, takes me about a half hour each night. It did take about two weeks for the ph to stabilize with hydroton rockwool ect but its pretty rocksteady now. res change once a week takes a few hours but not terrible. sofar i am digging this hydro stuff.
    i will try and get some pics uploaded in the next post

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