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Powdery Mildew!!?!?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by xxplosive42o, Sep 8, 2009.


    xxplosive42o Active Member

    I have been battling powdery mildew for sometime within my grow room. It all began when they were clones inside my house, the humidity would get into the 50's. Now that they are in the grow room the humidity only gets to about 40. Nevertheless, I have powdery mildew and it's not going away. I just used a Fungaflor Bomb (Fungicide bomb) and the mildew still appears white in color and its just as prevelent. The bomb even burnt the surfaces of all my leaves. What can I do to remove the mildew safely? It covers nearly 3/4 of my plants leaves!! :wall:

    I still have 3 weeks in veg left before I'm gonna flower so it needs to be gone or under control before they flower!!

    robotninja Well-Known Member

    I battled with powder mildew on my last grow, some plants are more susceptible to it. However, if you add tons of air movement (oscillating fans) it should help alot.

    If your plants are so dense that no air is circulating on/around them, then you get mildew. Another option is to trim some of the lower foliage (IE: Lollipoping).

    I just didn't have enough air movement, so I added a oscillating fan and it solved all my problems.
    DJ BudLover

    DJ BudLover Member

    do you have any photos of the problem as i feel i too might be in the early phase of the same problem. What is your strain?

    fishenfool06 Well-Known Member

    powdery mold is a form of pythia, i had it when i was trying to grow inside a cabinet. it is a air born spore and it can travel from your garden, into your house. their are a couple of things you can do.

    option #1 first, go to your local tool rental place and see if they have a sulfur burner. if u treat the entire house you will have a better chance of getting rid of it completely. you are probably really careful but if you carie the plants threw the house to your garden and the powdery mold comes off and settles into the carpet. you have it in your carpet and it will keep spreading.

    option #2 go to your local hydro store and get some neem oil and safer soap 1 oz of
    oil and 1 oz of soap mix well in a sprayer with 1 gall water. spray entire plant top to bottom, stems and bottoms of leafs. treat again if mold reappears, more then likely the mold will be gone. but it can regrow on fresh sprouts/ new growth that has not been treated.

    what type of system are you using?

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