Potentially too hot?

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    Hey boys

    So just started my first indoor grow box, currently in a 10L pot with about 2/3 potting mix and 1/3 perlite. Seedling is currently 5 days old and just started noticing brown edges and the very tip just pointing down, although the majority of the leaf is still a lush green.
    As for lighting i have a 130W true CFL, the 12+ inch long ones and had it only about 5-8cm above the seedling so just wondering if it could of just been the heat from the light doing it. There is a 120mm exhaust fan along with a 30cm intake fan running on it, and I'm pretty sure its not overwatering as I have only watered once just before placing seed in pot and then once again 5 days after sprout and used no nutes.

    Any feedback would be great. Maybe I'm just being over zealous with it and should just let it do it's thing.


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    My advise would be to relax and see how this plant develop in the coming days. The plant in the picture looks healthy to me. However, make sure to not only have air in/out but also a small fan on the sprout and plants in general. CFLs WILL be too hot with no fan to move the hot air under the CFL away..

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