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potent high yielding indicas

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by cruzman72, Nov 7, 2011.


    cruzman72 Active Member

    what is an easy to grow, potent, high yeilding indica??? all opinions are welcome:leaf:

    slonez47 Active Member

    I have Nirvana's Master Kush on the line now. They're a indica/sativa hybrid, but it's very easy to grow, high is great, smell is low, and yield is huge with LST work and light management done early.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    The Chemist Brothers

    The Chemist Brothers Active Member

    grew a few well yielding indica's from nirvana but they aren't the best smoke around. sensi seeds has really nice indica ibl's. shiva is excellent and so is their super skunk. sannies has kolossos and Herijuana in their stable, both yield well and are serious potency when you want it, but are less hybrid and more indica oriented. haven't grown the kolossos but herijuana is an excellent example of indica.

    cruzman72 Active Member

    @thechemistbrothers i had never heard of sannies before. thanks showing me wats up

    Batman83 Member


    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    depends how big you want them to finish (your light setup will dictate that)
    outdoors I'd go 8 weeks to get a 5 pounder

    Frodeybaggins Member

    once again id say go with bigbud
    i promise u wont be disapointed
    or have one diime size nug
  9. yield dosent rely so much on the strain as it relies on the grower and their experience or lack of experience.

    Frodeybaggins Member

    this is true.. sorta
    youre def gonna get a higher yield from a stable mainly indica
    than a linky mexican sativa

    althor Well-Known Member

    I disagree personally. Bigbud just doesnt have the potency I look for.

    Someone above suggested Super Skunk. Problem with that suggestion is its not really an indica its a 60/40 hybrid. At the same time, while its not as fancy or unique as alot of strains, it is my hands down favorite at this point. Top it once and leave it alone and you will get around 3 ounces, and the buzz is fantastic.
    Jack Harer

    Jack Harer Well-Known Member

    I'd go with either A Dr Greenthumb Endless Sky or Iranian G13 (Reg, not autoflower) and you also cant go wrong with the Black Domina. These are gonna be my new Indicas when I cross my Sats.
    The Chemist Brothers

    The Chemist Brothers Active Member

    I've wanted to grow black domina myself for a few years and never got around to it, but it is supposed to be one of sensi's lower yielding/higher quality strains.
    Jack Harer

    Jack Harer Well-Known Member

    I've seen some big assed buds from some of the phenos. It aint like the Iranian G13, but it aint no slouch either. It's all about finding that pheno with just about any seed.

    nightfun Well-Known Member

    Be careful with this breeder DRGT. If you decide to spend $200.000 on 2 seeds (for G13) and they do not germinate watch out, you will get no service from DRGT at all. I've smoked g13 from DRGT yes it grows a big bud but there really is not much of a taste rather bland. Go with any other breeder and you will end up being a lot happier!
    Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Well-Known Member

    I will throw in my two big producers

    Bubbelicious from Nirvana - Very easy to grow and great yeild. The high is a great all round high. It is a perfect all round high

    And my fav is herculies from Sannie seeds. Huge producer and a great stoney potent high. Stonger than bubba but everyone loves my bubba!

    Sannies has Amazing genetics and also great coustomer service! Nirvna has great coustomer service but their genetics isn't the best.
    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    Northernberry yields a shitload of nice buds, its NL5 x Blueberry

    Toolegit2quit Active Member

    I'm sure that the experience or lack of, contributes.. however I had a strain for years and averaged 2oz a plant. A friend gave me a different strain he said yielded well. Without changing anything at all, same veg time, same nutes, same room conditions, my yield average jumped to 4-5 oz per plant. I think the strain has a pretty significant impact on yield.

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