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potato slices work GREAT for fungus gnats!

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Luger187, Mar 25, 2011.


    Luger187 Well-Known Member

    i put 2 potato slices per plant ontop of the soils this morning, before lights off. 12 hours later, i turn on the lights and check the slices. theres tiny bugs ALL OVER the damn things. i just threw them away and replaced them. either i have a terrible infestation, or potatoes work good lol

    iPACKEDthisBOWL4TWO Well-Known Member

    Interesting........ where did you hear about this? So the potato slices just attract the gnats?

    iPACKEDthisBOWL4TWO Well-Known Member

    I LOVE natural ways to grow or take care of plants lol I also have some ladybugs in the grow tent just in case..... but the poor things keep dying so I assume I have no mites.

    djruiner Well-Known Member

    ive never had any bug issues *knocks on wood* but id think a small dish of molasses would work well also...they get stuck in that sticky mess and they are never getting out

    ChubbySoap Well-Known Member

    ladybugs will happily eat raisins soaked in water and cut in half...


    it's awful to say, i know.....
    ...but if you are out on a walk, and happen to notice a plant swarming with aphids...
    ...you can always take a leaf in a plastic bag back to the lady bugs, catch em one by one, and let them in the bag for treats...maybe...


    yes...i said bring aphids inside your house...maybe even your grow....eeek

    iPACKEDthisBOWL4TWO Well-Known Member

    almost like taking care of a fucking pet lol but I wouldnt mind taking care of these little buggers..... they keep me mite free.

    Luger187 Well-Known Member

    i found it on this
    if u hit ctrl+F, then type potato, it will go right to it. its under fungus gnats. my guess is that the potatoes are real moist and they like that

    i may try that! i was thinking of dunking the potatoes in sticky stuff so they cant leave it haha

    any info on this?

    kingofqueen Well-Known Member

    Potato slices only attract the larvae in the soil .Adults lay 300 eggs a day . Along with the potatoes you should also do something to kill the adults from laying eggs . A neem oil soil drench will kill the larvae in the soil .Yellow sticky traps work well on the adults as well . They are attracted to the color yellow . Buy some yellow party plates and coat them with the molassas or anything sticky thats not harmful in your garden . Hang them near your pots where you generally see them flying around . Peace:-o


    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i can understand the gnats being attracted to a potato, that makes sense to me, but what i don't get is why they die once they are on them?? maybe i'm missing something here, idk..

    i would love to get a good cure for fungus gnats as i seem to always get a few of them in veg.. i know that you can put sand around the tops of the pots to obstruct access to the moist soil, and watering less often helps as well, which i always do in later veg / flowering, but i always like to keep them on the wetter side for this stage of veg, and therefore get a few gnats.

    kingofqueen Well-Known Member

    They dont die in the potatoes they are all in there munching on them till you come along and throw them away or better yet soak em in bleach then throw them away . The layer of sand stops them dead in there tracks. Like a roach motel , larve cant get out and adults cant get in . But it does slow watering alot and for me it seems to suffacate the soil of air slowing growth . Neem them bitches ! :)

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    Put an inch of sand on top of your soil and they will disappear forever.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i was just looking for some neem at loewes the other day as i forgot all about it when i was at the hydro store.. i just got a clone from someone, and wanted to kill anything that may have been on them before i introduced it into my garden.. i got some organic stuff from loewes, but it seems like it may have burnt some of the leaf tips.. i think i maybe should have diluted it some first, but i'm glad it was only the lil clone i sprayed, and nothing else as i won't really be losing anything if i kill the clone..
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    potatoes work awesome for a disposable surrogate breeding ground. they also like a little bit of vinegar in a cup of water. i just got rid of a moderate fungus gnat problem in my tent by mixing about 7 drops of dish soap in a spray bottle and drenching the top layer of soil with it (sounds counterproductive but i read about it on some garden forum along with the potato thing. it's supposed to kill the eggs and larva). i repeated this a few times a day and after any waterings that took place. i also had a cup with water and vinegar in it that attracted and drowned about 12 of them in 3 hours. by the time i got around to getting some organic bug death and sticky traps and a hot shot thing (4 days later) there were only 2 gnats left and i squished them with my finger. i put the hot shot thing in there for good measure and haven't seen any bugs since and it's been 3 weeks. i do spray the vegging plants about once a week with the organic bug death soap stuff and then i rinse them the next day. the bugs won't be returning.

    DaLeftHandMan Active Member

    i hang fly strips in my area, then in the tube i pour sum honey. they work great, mine will be covered from top to bottom by the time harvest rolls around, my plants n sticky buds wont!

    steverthebeaver81 Active Member

    i usually use a pyrethrum or neem oil spray, or combination, and mosquito dunks i break up in the top laYER OF MY Soil.

    kingofqueen Well-Known Member

    Home depot now carrys Neem oil :)

    only71 Active Member

    they sell sticky yellow cards for this they come on sticks and u put around your soil and the gnats are attracted to the yellow and get stuck (if you use these they sticky will get on your fingers vegetable oil will remove it)
    the potatoes are much cheaper and easier to find also

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Never get them by allowing soil to dry well between waterings and by breaking up your topsoil regularly to aid in drying and aeration. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. This for the benefit of those growing but not knowing yet.

    VX420 Active Member

    Potato slice are used to ID that you have Gnats,, thats ALL it does, you got 2% or less of the gnat population, and while your posed the population grew 5%

    And agree with eh above post. layer of sand will screws them up. I never grow in soil without sand on top.

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