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Pot + Tomato = Pomato

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by gonfishin, Oct 10, 2007.


    gonfishin Active Member

    well here is a shot in the dark. I know very little about botany and the process of grafting and I have never grown weed before (starting next year) but I was wondering... would it be possible to graft a tomato plant onto a cannibis plant? I know that it has been done with cactus (the little things in gardening centers with a green bottom and a different cactus on top in any color). Is it possible?

    I know this would mess with the general orders of nature but it would be a great way to grow weed stealthily in the middle of someones garden...

    salads may frequent my dinner table much more.

    -thanks- :blsmoke:

    i was not sure on where to post this thread but it seems like an advanced topic.
    durban poison

    durban poison Well-Known Member

    But, when it comes to flowering, what would you have? Buds or, Tomatoes? It can only be one or the other...:-?

    gonfishin Active Member

    mmm... i see. but what if the THC went into the tomatoes? it would not be good for smoking in that case but i would still eat the tomatoes:weed:.
    durban poison

    durban poison Well-Known Member

    Pass the tomatoe on the left hand side! :mrgreen::mrgreen:
    Can you imagine sitting round, chillin' with your mates....passing them a tomatoe to bite down on! :twisted::twisted:

    gonfishin Active Member

    new rules.
    whoever washes the tomato gets the first bite.
    durban poison

    durban poison Well-Known Member

    As long as they're not cherry tomatoes! :wink:

    ivebeencanceled Well-Known Member

    I read a story of someone doing this, but i dont think it is true, nor do i think it is possible.

    But i did hear and belive you can graft root stalk of a Marijuana plant to Hops plant.

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    This doesn't work trics cannot be produced by a tomato however it is theoretically possible to make the tomato leaves produce trics,but im pretty sure that these would taste like shit and you would have to use them only for thc extraction:blsmoke:

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    If you guys don't cut it out, I'm gonna move this thread to the Newbie section. :blsmoke:


    Early Well-Known Member

    They can be grafted together. But the tomatoes will still be tomatoes and the weed will still be weed. It won't make tomatoes that will get you high. Or weed that smells like tomatoes. Weed can also grafted to the hops plant.

    Ralphie Well-Known Member

    yea ive also read that weed can and has been grafted to hops, but theyre both in the Cannabaceae family.. i don't think its been successful with any other plants.. it would be cool though if it was possible to take small properties of other plants, fruits and give them to cannabis or even have edible fruits with thc.. theres still a lot to be revealed in the future. never say never

    originalstrain Well-Known Member

    you can only graft plants within the same genus and rarely does it work unless its the same species i love weed but im also a master gardener for you ppl who dont know what that is you have to know your plant shit! lol

    420chazz Well-Known Member

    you can graft 2 different plants together if they are in the same family. pot is in the family "cannabaceae", tomatos are in the family "solanaceae", so no u cant do that. however you can graft hops onto pot and vice versa because they are in the same family. i'm pretty sure thats how it goes.

    originalstrain Well-Known Member

    yup family and genus are pretty much the same thing.

    tckfui Well-Known Member

    what about splicing seeds? like a weed seed with a tomatoe seed or somthing else. wold that be at all possible?

    tckfui Well-Known Member

    heres an idea... for gorila groweres... since marijuana and stinging nettles are in the same family... graft the stininging nettles around the buds... so if any one comes by and wants to take a few buds tey get rashed up!

    intensive Well-Known Member

    is nettles the plants that burned me like fire whenever i was in scotland? then there was another plant to rub that always grew near it that u rubbed on and the burning went away, natures pretty sweet huh

    tckfui Well-Known Member


    troy149 Active Member

    I know for sure you can graft pot onto hops and we're experimenting with it a little. I also know that tomatoes are in the same family as tobacco and the two can share grafts. Not as cool as pot but I'd rather eat tomatoes than wear the patch.

    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    I've heard that you can do hops too so there must be something to it. We need someone that can do an experiment for us! :)

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