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Pot Size

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by rollitup, Jul 8, 2006.


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    A good rule of thumb is 12" of height/per gallon and to double the size of your existing pot on transplanting. Other factors involved in determining pot size are your grow room footprint size, the amount/intensity of light plants receive, where plants are in the grow cycle and if the are from seed or clones.

    Grow room area size: If your grow room foot print size is small and horizontal space is at a minimum then BOG's (Bushy Older Grower) doubling potting method is a good alternative. Rather than repotting into a larger diameter pot your existing pot is set on top of another pot a few inches more in diameter. Thus giving your plants a lot more vertical root volume of soil to grow into and less horizontal volume.

    Amount of light and intensity: Plants that are under low wattage lights (70-250) tend not to grow as big and as quick as plants under high wattage lights (400-100), thus one can scale back pot size slightly. Also if your plants are under a 24/0 cycle or an 18/6 cycle this will affect growth rates and repotting sizes.

    Growth cycle: The average grower will find that they must repot usually every 2 weeks while in the veg cycle. Going from a 1-1.5 gallon to a 2-3 gallon in the third/fourth week of the veg cycle. From a 2-3 gallon pot to a 4-5 gallon in the 5-6 week of the veg cycle. Note it is always best to repot 1-2 weeks before you flip your lights to the 12/12 flowering cycle and to let your plants finish off in that last transplanted pot size.

    Seed or clones: This will make the biggest difference between pot sizes. Since one must veg up to 4-6 week from seed to reach plant maturity. Cloned plants need not be veg as long 1-3 weeks. This will drastically reduced the pot size needed for a cloned plant.

    These guide lines are by no means written in stone, all environments are different and will produce different growth/repotting rates this is just a basic outline.
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    SmokeDr420 Well-Known Member

    good advice thank you

    Pumert Well-Known Member

    Ya thankyou because nowhere in the FAQs does it talk about pot size to grow height ratio

    u mite wanna think about adding that

    GrowDog Active Member

    I have recently read its 1 gallon per foot of growth, hope this helps

    bustya Member

    I don't get it. Why do seedlings need bigger pots than clones?

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    seddlings have a tap root that is bigger then clones, grows strait down and then out, clone have no tap root and their roots are more spigitti like and a lot smaller.

    brick20 Well-Known Member

    well i had a 14" plant in a 16oz cup, turned out to be a boy, tis tis tis

    bigDAWG Well-Known Member

    over 10,000 views and 6 posts.. lol

    The topic starter (rollitup) says joined in 1970... lol has this site really been around that long? lol cant be

    brick20 Well-Known Member

    you'll see alot of things on this site that just dont add up

    you better off taking a hit of some good dank and get hi ha hi hi
    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    good post man.I say that it is good to grow in 3 gallon pots -each month for plant(plants grow to the fullest about 3-4 months)but always the bigger the better.
    keep up the good work...

    brick20 Well-Known Member

    well i use all sorts of sizes ranging from 2litter-5gallon pots its the bigger the better.

    5+gallon pots even with12/12 take a long time 2 start flower

    KP2 Well-Known Member



    brick20 Well-Known Member

    u must be token good

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    always ;)

    the laugh was for a lower down post.... didn't see the ones after that :D
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    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    So my 5' tall plants in 16oz cups which I still haven't transplanted after 4 months are freaks of nature, an impossibility? I wish my camera worked...
    (No I'm not kidding, a full 5' tall and bushy as fuck. Thank you ebb and flow, in FFOF)

    Picture attached was from over a month ago when my camera did still work.

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    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Rollitup is the head honcho of this site. He can have whatever he wants in his avatar and signature...hell, he can have anything he wants :hump:

    This thread is from 2006

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    iiilostdune Active Member

    LOLOL! The internet has only been in existnece since the early 1990s! Well, available to the public anyway... And even then, it was NOTHING like it is today... There was something like 5 or 6 websites being registered A YEAR for the first couple of years. Think about it. In the 1970s, TV was still being broadcast through the airwaves and there were only a handful of channels that were broadcasting all day long...

    420kushhaze Active Member


    ww420 Member

    Hey guys what happens if say you are using 6 inch square pots and you don't transplant, what will happen to the plants?

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