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    Well I thought i posted this last night but can not find it. So if it appears twice somewhere I apologize.

    Without adding a dehumidifier, how does everyone keep the humidity down in their grow rooms when starting straight in 7 gallon pots?

    I seems like when I start with a large pot, it really increases the humidity, and the pots take forever to dry. They also seem more prone to fungus gnats, and symptoms of overwatering.

    I have a small grow room 2'x4' so this has been a problem for me.

    Any suggestions?
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    Gotta not be a cheap ass and shell out for a dehumidifier :p or lower your temps (Air conditioner)

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    You gonna need a fan that runs more than 220 cfm to keep your humidity down if you have that big of a pot. I have a 3x3 that i run 2 plants in 5 gallon smartpots and the fan BARLEY keeps the humidity in check. If I add another plant I have PM problems because of the extra plants releasing that much more water. So if you cant get a dehumidifier I would focus on air flow through your room. The air flow moves the moisture out and fresh dry air in. Hope this kinda helps bro. Good luck.

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