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Possible Pythium? Experts help please.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by JonnnyPColeman, Jan 23, 2011.


    JonnnyPColeman Well-Known Member

    Some basic info first off:

    -Royal Dwarf fem'd auto
    -Ph & PPM is all in check now - 5.6 & ~700
    -Plants are a few days over 1 month old (I know they are small for their age)

    Ok so when I changed my rez on friday I noticed a kind of redish slimy fungus/algae looking thing stuck to the air stone....I used boiling water to clean the rez and stone etc. etc.

    I dont have pics of it but..I noticed a little bit of dark brown spots on some of the roots, I cut/picked it off and disposed of the "bad" roots JIC.

    Also, There are signs of what looks like nute burn on some of my leaves, the PPM of my rez was way off for probably a half day (somewhere around 1100) so maybe it is just nute burn and I am just being paranoid?

    I've read that the starting signs of Pythium look like nute deficiencies and some pics that i googled looked similar....

    please help. +rep to all who does...

    If I am missing any info to help diagnose let me know, but that should be all that matters.

    Sorry the pics aren't perfection, I really need a camera with a manual focus ring, crappy digital is all I have for now.


    100_1087.jpg 100_1085.jpg 100_1088.jpg

    brownbearclan Active Member

    Could be nute burn or some funky bad slime, who knows? What you can do to fix either situation though is to get your nute ppm in check and then add 1tbsp of hydrogen peroxide per gallon to your res water (or chlorine bleach, but I've heard HP benefits the roots as well) and that keeps all the bad growths in check. Anyone care to confirm those amounts for res water? (I'm a soil guy atm, studying hydro.)

    Other than that those plants look really nice! =)

    -On a side note I'm wondering if with your high ppm you had if that could have just been nute buildup on your airstone?
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  3. I am not an expert but I did stay at a holiday In Express last night.

    change your whole res with the nutrients and start fresh and clean with sterile equipment not boiling water, use bleach to clean.
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    JonnnyPColeman Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I think they are small for a month old, not that one so much but the other one especially (no pic in here but my in my Journal there is). But thanks lol. As for the slime maybe being a buildup of nutes I have no idea, All i know is i am not a fan of it.

    I will def try the HP in the rez. I am gonna research how much per gallon, but hopefully someone beats me to it and posts it here first.

    Thanks for the help +rep

    JonnnyPColeman Well-Known Member

    Well looks like I will be changing/washing that rez again tonight lol. Thanks +rep

    thenotoriousone Active Member

    use hydrogen peroxide in the water at a 3% solution. While running hydro setups, It will help kill algae and other bad bacteria build up in the the rez. Also get a spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide and a spounge or metal brush for cleaning, It will disinfect everything! If you also keep your lid open to aerate the water like some people do. Just get a air pump with some air stones to aerate the water and keep the lid shut while aerating that way. The rez should be absolutely dark and sealed nothing in or out. There's a few different types of wilt. What color are the roots?
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    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    What temperature is the res at?

    JonnnyPColeman Well-Known Member

    Thanks I will pick up some HP tomorrow because I apparently don't have any. Nah, I leave the lid shut. inside I've got 2 airstones each running from their own air pumps. My understanding is that light is bad for the roots/rez... The roots are white for the most part, there was very little brown but what was there I pulled off. They look pretty healthy as far as I know. I took a pic of them yesterday, It wont let me repost the pics but they are in my Journal in my sig.

    thanks +rep.!

    JonnnyPColeman Well-Known Member

    Yea, I kinda dropped the ball on that one, I dunno. Not that warm though. I had a thermometer but it broke while i was assembling everything and I just haven't gotten around to picking up a new one. my understanding is that anything over 73*F is bad...any truth to that?

    thenotoriousone Active Member

    Thanks Brotha, Yeah well sounds like the water isnt the problem. Just the Algae and other bad bacteria causing discoloration, The Peroxide will kill some beneficial bacteria but kill all the bad.
    the mix solution for peroxide to water is...

    Drug Store Grade Peroxide is %3 - 70ml of peroxide to make a 500ml Solution
    Horticulture Grade Peroxide is %10 - 20ml peroxide to make a 500ml Solution

    thenotoriousone Active Member

    72-74F ideal temperature same with the root temperature - 78F is max

    JonnnyPColeman Well-Known Member

    ahhhh, thanks man. I'd plus rep ya again for ur last 2 posts. but it wont let me lol. much much much appreciated bro!

    thenotoriousone Active Member

    Haha thanks man, all you gotta do is burn one for me and your straight! good luck man, My friend told me about these forums so i can help share my knowledge! today is the first day!

    JonnnyPColeman Well-Known Member

    haha done and done my friend. good looks.

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