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possible over fert / over watering... or lockout? help with a widow and a widowXbb

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by twenty2, Apr 16, 2011.


    twenty2 Active Member

    hey guys whats up?
    Im growing a few strains in organic potting mix using FF bigbloom for food. ive given all the plants one foxfarm feeding at about 75% recommended levels. some strains like mako haze and NY47 loved the food and look great, others like the widows and blueberry look very sickly. i do not know if the food is causing the issues or if it may be a nute lockout. kind of looks like potassium lockout on the 'rusty' looking widow leaves. anyway here are some pics to help my crappy explanation. btw temps are about 85-90 degrees, and i havent PH'd the soil yet ive just been using bottled water because that worked fine for my last grow. but i realize im gonna have to get equipment to monitor ph and ppm levels soon.

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    Panteraboy1988 Active Member

    95 is almost deadly to cannabis plants. Some, however, can withstand high temps. Maybe the ones that are looking rough just can't take the high temperature.

    bulla Active Member

    i think its all heat related but u may wanna water a few times with out any nutes
    Juicy Fruit

    Juicy Fruit Active Member

    3 things here, 1)Get that temp lower, def 85 is max without using c02 tank to help (they absorb more c02 at high temps) 2)You have burns/Nitro overdose, as seen by the "claw" affect and the really dark green leaves 3)Get that pH in order, bottle water is either mineral water which will push your ppm up and be around 7-8pH lvl or it's RO water and pH to around 5.5 either way its off.

    twenty2 Active Member

    thanks for the help guys. i kinda thought that i had a combination of issues going on and yall conformed them. the yellowing around the edges and tips is a P/K overdose. the dark green clawed leaves is too much N, and my rusty spots on the widow is a PH issue. as far as the heat goes... im growing in a 2x6x6 closet with a 400w hps w/o ducting but ill be able to improve airflow by just leaving the doors open. right now the light is about 6-7 inches from the tops of the plants... what height should the light be for flower? by the way, none of the plants under the CFL have any problems besides nitro burn. only food they ever got was fox farms big bloom so i find it strange the plants are getting too much nitrogen. maybe the potting mix i bought was too hot??

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