Possible Charge Packs For UK & EU...Seeing if there is a demand!

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    TrichomeBob New Member

    Hi Fellow Nerds,

    I've been thinking of a idea for a while, I'm basically in the process of making my super soil up. While I was researching I saw a lot of posts from people outside the US that either had trouble finding the ingredients or can't get the TGA charge pack sent to them as they live outside the states.

    So, It brings me to this, I'm willing to buy everything needed for the mix, I'm in the process of making up Sub's Super Soil but with a few additions, quite similar to sidewings recipe (thx Sub & Sidewing).

    It will work similar to TGAs charge pack, all you'll need to do is buy your base soil and Earth worm castings, mix it up and let it 'cook'.
    Im also gonna be testing a few of the soils available in EU for the base soil, I will post the results on here.
    The mixes im looking at are Canna Bio Plus, Plagron Royalty Mix, light Mix, BioBizz All & Light, H&G Batmix, and various mixtures.

    This is just basically to see if theirs any interest, if it happens it won't be for a few months as I'm going on hols in a month and want to atleast partially run my mix to check its ok.
    I don't wanna make any money from this, basically just free amendments and im happy, so the price will basically my cost plus expenses.
    Ive even been thinking about doing some good lately so maybe I could donate some to charity, I could maybe donate say 10% or so to the Dank Tank Charity For Autism and should still keep the price low for people.

    So let me know what you guys think, I apologise if this shouldn't be posted and if so plz delete.
    Also if Sub sees this or any other TGA members please let me know if its ok, I don't wanna tread on people's feet, just thought it may be a good way of helping non US weed nerds out and maybe earn a bit for charity at the same time.

    So let me know if your interested, and like I said before it won't be for a few months as want to test it first.

    Laters Nerds!

    Hitch Active Member

    Well I have an autistic little boy, so I think it sounds cool. Thanks for the idea bro.

    SHvisitor Active Member

    If your prices are fair - according to what you wrote i'm sure they will be - i'm in 100%.

    I'll be ordering myself for that batch but in the future, if i have to pay a bit more to get the needed quantity i'll be there to support the movement. Let's bring 100% organic Dank in europe maybe it'll bring the good weed back in Dam haha

    About the soils: I've grown with Canna Terra pro + for some time. I dont see it as a "rich soil" though. I've putted seeds/clones in it never had a problem. Batmix is hotter. Just bought Royalty Mix i've mixed with half a bag of Batmix and half a bag of Cannaterra for my basesoil. Royalty mix has more wormcasting and since we're adding extra guano i thought the Batmix could be reduce to half a bag (2 bags mix).

    Can't really report on wich one's best but Canna is pretty light - both nutes and texture. I liked putting some in my mix as i find plagron and Biobizz soil to be rather heavy and adding a Manure + Kelp mix made it even "heavier". The Canna looks and smells good to. It sounds retarded but this soil smells like forest to me. I dnt know if that's a good thing but when others seems like "fields" soil, the Canna remind me of forest soils.


    TrichomeBob New Member

    no probs.

    I'd like to hear how it goes with the royalty as that was my first choice, was gonna do royalty/light in a one to one ratio, the canna one was the Bio soil, their organic version, has white peat, bark, and other shit, as I write this I thought it had guano and blood bone in, but it can't as I think KKushman uses it so has to be vegan. From what I read it has supposedly 4-6 weeks of heat in it. The smell may come from the bark as I think canna doesn't use perlite in the canna terra.

    At the moment I'm not running SS, just adding supposedly organic nutes, lol, using Biobizz light with some castings, H&G bat mix with castings and Plant magic straight. The H&G is outperforming all, the plant magic just seems to get deficiencies with me unless I start adding epsoms start of flower, all the time, bio bizz was ok, but H&G seems to do the best. Though its hard to say really as their all dif phenos anyways. You can put seedlings straight in the bat mix too so it may be good solo in the SS.

    TrichomeBob New Member

    Also there's two canna terra soils, I think the one you got pro + doesn't have any nutes at all, and the canna terra pro has 3-4 weeks, thought haven't used either. The canna Bio + has more nutes I believe. And yes it's confusing with 3 types of soil that have very similar names, lol.

    from a few grows Ive read, canna had issues with gnats, but it may have been sorted by now and not sure what type it was.

    subcool Well-Known Member

    TGA supersoil will have Global distribution.


    Shawns Active Member

    Do you know when this might happen.

    TrichomeBob New Member

    Cheers for poppin in sub, plz don't think m tryna make money from people or anything, it's just when I was searching for my ingredients I found loads of peeps that couldn't find it.
    SS over here would sell big time, so the sooner the better, we can even get a decent base soil! Plz keep us plated on the nerd when hear about it.

    SHvisitor Active Member

    I concure TrichomeBob is doing nothing but trying to make things easier for european Nerds to get "their shit together" haha, many of those ingredients are a pain in the ass to get, and i cant wait for the day i'll be abble to get a bag in a shop.

    Be quick though Sub, european country have the heighest taxes rate and the more i get the DYI down the less i'll be willing to spend extra cash on pre bagged mix :p

    @trichomebob: I've used the canna terra bio but it didnt looked as good as the Canna terra pro plus i use on a regular now. They do have a canna tera pro i've never used though. They say the plants has enough nutes for 6 weeks, i'd say it might be the case for 6 vegging weeks but definetly not hot enough for bloom or even longer veg.
    I think pro plus is comparable to an all mix, maybe a light mix..
    Batmix/Royalty are hot enough for 6 weeks of bloom but they dont have everything needed in them as far as NPK. I've used them so far supersoil style with nutes boost when needed, but using them without amendments is far from ideal. Just like with supersoil, when you go light you'll get good tasting buds but the yield isnt great and you always get a little of that red stem thing going on.

    I can post the Ec of:
    .Plagron royalty mix/Batmix
    .Biobizz Light/allmix
    .Canna terra pro plus if you want.

    About the result i'll get: you shouldnt take my experience as a marker! I've mixed a large royalty mix with half a bag of batmix, a quarter bag of CT pro+ and a quarter of light mix. I dont have acces to worm casting in my area, had to replace it with a manure + kelp mix...using mainly royalty was because it the richest in worm casting of the three.

    I've mixed my soil in 2 different steps (added Guano Kalong a week later) and will only be adding all the micro nutrients and mycco on a third step (2 weeks from now hopefully)...so this super soil batch wont be either scientificaly sounds nor logisticaly sounds. It'll have cook a long ass time and the "life" should be well develloped once i start using it. I had to get into it though and i figure that by starting mixing shit i'll have to keep carrying my project. Already topped some of my plants in week 3/4 of bloom with a tiny bit of the soil. They loved it (again i've used just a little bit to see how they would react, not to much to avoid burning them but apparently the manure makes cooking a bit faster with the humic acid it has. Still planning on cooking full 4 weeks from the time i put the last ingredient in).

    Next run will be much better and if it can help we could put together a "battle plan" to try out the different soil aivalable in europe, but following Sub's idea of " giving the plant a buffet" i like to believe that each brands will bring it's own thing, again only trying out will let us know so tell me if you want to put something like that together. (Last problem is i dont have a camera but i could always have a frienc coming over to get some pics with his i phone...)


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