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Portable Greenhouse?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by muaythaiky, Jul 16, 2011.


    muaythaiky Member

    I have outdoor plants, they are only a week old, all in pots.
    In the end process they are going to be in four gallon buckets,
    I am going to build a greenhouse, as well as put a C02 generator in it.

    I want the greenhouse I am going to build to be easily portable.
    Other than the benefit my plants will get from the greenhouse, I really am building it for privacy.

    Right now I have a tomato, broccoli, squash, basil and etc so it wouldn't look suspicious. I don't have to worry about one of my neighbors because they are open minded. The other neighbors on the other hand, I have never associated with them, don't know their feelings about this so I don't want the risk of peeking over my yard and seeing them.

    I have a large yard so I have a lot of space to work with but like I mentioned I need something easily portable once built.

    If anybody else has other ideas for privacy let me know as well.
    Just being really low key.bongsmilie

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